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InstaKitty 3D Interview

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Game Interviews

We had the pleasure of getting a interview from Michael Levine the founder and lead dev at HappyGiant Games.

What inspired you make this game?

​Several of us love animals, and especially cats. We loved games way back like Nintendogs (and cats) and didn't see anything like it out there. I also wanted to bring back a few of my beloved cats who have now passed on to Kitty Heaven.​

While developing the game, what was the hardest issue(s) that you came across?

​When we added Lil Bub, it was very hard at first to get the right look and feel to her.​ We worked very hard on her look, and then her animation.

What was your "best moment" during development?

​When we finally nailed the look and movement and Mike and Bub agreed, we were all stoked!​

Were you able to incorporate all of the ideas that were proposed?

​Most of them, but we do have more planned!​

If the answer to the previous question is no, would you add those other ideas through DLC or make a possible sequel?

​We plan to update the app and Bub over time. We have added tons of things to the app since it launched, like our Dance game, "Dance Dance Kitty" which is so much fun, it could be it's own app!​

Are there any plans to bring InstaKitty 3D to PSN or Live?

​Anything is possible if there was a demand.​

Can you provide any insight into your next title?

​All I can say is we have something very special planned for our next project. It's a complete 180 from InstaKitty 3D, but just as fun. We are working very closely with one of the legends of Special Effects, and that's about all I can say.​

Any special advice for the fans playing InstaKitty 3D. Something like a special gameplay tactic or a hidden gem?

​InstaKitty 3D is all about longevity, and forming a bond with your InstaKitty. Coming back daily and caring for it. Buying it new bowls, room items, or even a new collar or bow! And here is the secret - the more you play, the more you will unlock Reward Videos which if you watch, you will be given free Diamonds for!​

How do you like the iOS and Andriod as a platform for game development?

​Since we use Unity3D to develop on, cross platform development isn't a huge issue. We generally develop first for iOS, then port it to Android. The Android version of InstaKitty 3D with Lil Bub will come out VERY soon!​

Any advice for people starting out with game development? It does not matter what platform they are using.

​Sure. I've been in game development since about 1990 when I began at LucasArts (LucasFilm Games at the time!). I tell people starting out a few key things:

1) As soon as you can, figure out what you want to do in the games industry. The business is so diverse and there are so many roles, it's tough to come out of college saying "I want to be a game designer" because in general, you have to work your way up to that.

2) If you don't know the answer to the above, that is fine, but try to get a job where you can see the whole company and learn about what it is you might want to do long term. I started way back in QA - and that is a great example of the perfect place to begin, as you interact with almost every facet of the company, and kind of get to watch how it all works.