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Positech Games Interview

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Game Company Interviews

We had the pleasure of getting a interview with Cliff Harris, founder of Positech Games

What inspired the creation of the company?

Originally it was set up when I worked in IT support, before I started coding my own proper commercial games. I ended up getting into making games purely out of curiosity, when I got addicted to Quake and wondered how it was made.

How did the name of the company come about? How long did it take to think of it?

Its a TERRIBLE name. The company was bought 'off the shelf', so I didn't even choose the name, but I'm kinda stuck with it now!

Can any insight be given in regards to the company's future title(s)?

Oh that would be telling...

Do you think that mobile devices as a gaming platform(s) as helped or hurt the gaming industry?

For a few very very lucky developers it made them a fortune, but the prices of mobile games are so low, that the vast majority of developers are wasting both their time and money trying to make a living from developing mobile games. I totally avoid that market.

Any advice for people thinking of starting a company? Regardless of what industry the company will be in.

Start small, make something simple and not ambitious. Don't quit your day job too early. You will probably make a few games that fail, so be prepared to deal with that from a financial POV.

If you could own another game franchise(s) which one(s) do you think Positech Games would best benefit from?

I'd like to be allowed to make games based on Star Trek :D

In regards to the previous question, why did you select these game franchise(s)?

I'm a huge trekkie and so many star trek games have sucked. Especially star trek online, which was all about space battles and phasers and absolutely nothing like the TV series at all. I think I could do it better, or at least differently!

What makes Positech Games different from other companies?

We make very very complex strategy games aimed at the PC first and foremost, which is an area that not many small indie game developers focus on.

How much do you think the industry has changed, since Positech Games was founded.

Hugely. When we started it was all about the 'free download' sites, and there were a number of different nline portals, which gave very competitive royalty rates, plus retail sales were still a big thing. Primarily though the market was just smaller, because so many people did not want to use their credit cards online.

Who are the founding member(s)?

Just me!

What were the initial goal(s)? Have they changed or remained the same, thus far?

To make great games, and make a living from it, and that hasn't changed.