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Interactive Studio Management Interview - Part 2

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In part 2, we continue our interview with Clyde Grossman, Co-Founder and Katie Morgan, Managing Director about Interactive Studio Management. Katie Morgan was recently named the new Managing Director for Interactive Studio Management, Press Here for the full story.

Now in its 20th year, ISM provides world-class business development and strategic advice to interactive entertainment clients through its global team of business professionals. With operations in Europe, Asia and North America, the firm has negotiated over $1 billion dollars in advances to date.

What makes Interactive Studio Management different from other agencies?

KM: First, the integrity of the individual ISM agents. I knew some of them personally before joining the team and had the utmost respect for them. As I got to know the others, I realized that integrity was a core value for the whole firm. Second, the tenure of ISM. Companies only survive in our business if there is a viable business model that aligns the firm’s goals with those of its clients. ISM is structured in that fashion, and has the results to prove it - clients that have been with us for 20 years.

How much do you think the industry has changed since Interactive Studio Management was founded?

KM: “How much” suggests relativity…on a scale from 1-10? 15. The past twenty years have held massive changes in development, technology, distribution, and most important, consumer expectations. The industry has never NOT been in turmoil, with publishers, console manufacturers, middleware companies, and distributors forming, closing, and/or changing business models. Having a network of agents who are constantly in contact with all of these constituents is invaluable for a game studio navigating these waters.

Why was Katie Morgan the best fit for the Managing Director role?

CG: Katie’s balanced view and steadfast commitment to ethical and fair dealings made her the ideal candidate for the Managing Director position. We welcome her experience as a publisher, entrepreneur, and corporate executive as ISM continues to evolve with the market while engaging our clients at the most strategic levels.

Why was Katie attracted to the position at ISM?

KM: ISM needed a new leader, as Clyde wanted to take a step back. They asked me…the best recruiting trick in the book. But why will the attraction stick? Having worked in the videogame business more than 25 years, I developed a skill at the art of the deal, and a passion for seeing fair and fruitful deals being done. It was high time for me to extend my reach, to engage that passion on behalf of talented game developers around the world, and to ease the load for the publishers by presenting them with well-prepared, articulate and professional pitches from some of the gems in our business.

Why is right now the most exciting time to be a part of the videogame industry?

The videogame industry has always been defined by incredibly creative and intelligent people creating a pastime for which consumers seem to have an insatiable hunger. What makes “right now” the most exciting? Because it is today. New opportunities and new challenges will present themselves today. We look forward to adapting to the changing market, staying light on our feet, and continuing to enjoy helping our clients be successful.

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