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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Remake Has Die-Hard Fans Upset

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After the release of the new Teenage Ninja Turtle: Turtles in Time remake on Xbox Live Arcade, you'd think gamers would be yelling "Cowabunga!" at the new updated graphics and 4-player online co-op, but instead are crying foul. Changes to the game, and lack of, have the die-hard fans extremely upset.

The first shell shocker about the remake came when the price was reduced from 1200MSP ($15) to 800MSP ($10). While some gamers were cheering Ubisoft for the price drop, it also seemed a bit peculiar. Usually games priced above the standard 800MSP have a higher penchant for quality than many other XBLA games and thus use it to justify their pricing ala Braid. Does this mean TMNT: TiT Reshelled's quality wasn't worth the price Ubisoft originally was asking for? The answer is, maybe.

To start off, the game is extremely short. Gamers have been posting they have beaten the game in half-hour sittings even on the hardest difficulties. Next up on the complaint-wagon is that the remake is based entirely off the arcade version of Turtles in Time and not the SNES port which included extra features and levels. Although Ubisoft stated when the game was announced it was being based off the arcade version, it still has the hardcore fans upset they didn't include extra content from the SNES version, arguably, the best port of Turtles in Time.

So what we're left with is a very bare bones package of an arcade game with questionably remixed music that doesn't sound much like the original. The new graphical update is a pleasure to look at, but only for a half-hour. Now before anyone thinks this article is trying to bash the new remake, it's not. Trying to please the hardcore fanbase of a classic franchise is an extremely hard thing to do, almost impossible. Gamers will whine when the developers try to do something different with the gameplay and others pout when the developers don't do enough to change things up. What developers are left to work with is a bunch of unpleasable, whiny cry babies stuck in their golden era.