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Halo 3 outselling Killzone 2 *UK*

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Great Britain is the third largest video games market (behind the USA and Japan), and as revealed by the recent hardware sales the Xbox 360 has a strangehold of the market, even outselling the Wii and DS so far in 2009.

Although the recent software sales chart shows that Nintendo still have some fight left in them, it seems Sony's massively popular shooter 'Killzone 2'is being outsold by Microsoft's equally massive 'Halo 3'. The real kicker, however, is that Halo 3 is nearing it's second birthday, whereas Killzone 2 is barely six months old. Halo Wars as well, which launched in the same time frame as Killzone 2, is also hanging in at number 40.

Please note, this is the sales for Great Britain and Northern Ireland only.