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Rainbow Moon (PS4/PS3/Vita) Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in News

From the creators of the space shmup Soldner-X, SideQuest Studios, comes Rainbow Moon, an isometric 3D RPG that's pretty hardcore as you're going to get. Despite how huge some modern day 3D RPG's have become, sometimes all it takes is a scaled down RPG with dozens of hours of content to fulfill a player’s level-grinding needs. If stat-mapping, defeating wave after wave of enemies and completing fetch quests rocks your boat, then look no further RPG fans!...

As the story goes, cursed by his arch-enemy, Baldren is warped to Rainbow Moon. To make matters worse, he's opened a dimensional gate, which hordes of monsters and unpleasantness are crawling out of, turning this once peaceful world into a living nightmare. To undo this, Baldren's task is to seal the gate and return (warp) back to his home planet. Easy as it sounds? Yes, but not really - Baldren will require a dimensional gate staff to seal the gate, unfortunately, the staff is not available on Rainbow Moon. The only way is to create one, so, your quest is to find the materials which are deep down in side Rainbow Moon's lovely dark and dank dungeons....

Ok, let's get straight into it. The battle system of the game is a turn-based strategy combat affair. There are two types of encounters in this game, the first being when coming into contact with an enemy’s so called 'over-world' sprite. The second, random encounters that appear in a pop-up, you can choose whether you want to initiate the battle or not. This enables you to join or avoid battle/s as you so wish. The turning-order is determined by the character or the monster’s speed stat. When characters reach certain levels they gain what is known as a sub-turn, which allows the character another action for its turn. For example, characters that have three sub-turns could attack, heal and defend all in one turn. Characters with only one sub-turn can only attack, heal or defend on their turn.

You will also have skills which requires magic points (MP) to perform stronger attacks. Skills can be purchased via stores using the world’s currency known as Rainbow coins. Combat skills are character specific (i.e. each character maps to a different class-type) while 'support' skills can be learnt by any character. As you progress, you'll unlock new skills for you to buy, which will be available at any store in the game simultaneously. Rainbow coins can also be purchased from the Playstation store, basically Free-2-Play style, if you choose to spend rather than grind.

Like many other S/RPG's, the game includes a weapons circle where different weapons do bonus or reduced damage depending on what weapon the combatants are using. Regarding the Experience system, for each monster the character defeats they gain a number of Rainbow pearls in addition to the experience gained. The pearls can then be traded in at a Savant (which can be found all over the place, mainly towns and dungeons) to increase character stats.

The game uses an isometric view which is used for both combat and over-world navigation. With an open over-world, it sets itself apart from other titles of this genre. The visuals are nice and vibrant, with a cross between some 16bit/32bit animations and styles. Sonic-wise, the sound effects and music are of a great quality standard and is fittingly tuned-out throughout the game.

Overall, Rainbow Moon has plenty of things to keep players occupied, with its well composed soundtracks and addictive gameplay, players will have a memorable journey with Baldren!


Reviewed on PS4 by mintyfresh