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We had one of our houses rented out to a family for around 8 to 10 years. This past month they moved out. I must say that this family DOES NOT clear at all. I am simply amazed at how dirty this family is. They did not clean the house for quite possibly the whole time they lived in the house.

I must state that 99% of the renters we have had rented to have been stellar renters. It just happened that this specific family was very dirty. I am happy to say that we have not have any additional families that are as dirty as this one, nor do they even come close.

Dirty House

Clean House

After countless hours of cleaning and stuff, we finally have a house that is in the same, if not better condition, than it was before we rented it out to this DIRTY family.

What we did to make this house "new and improved."

    New countertops in kitchen: Granite

    New carpet throughout whole house: Its obvious a new carpet had to be installed

    Fresh coat of white paint: It really a major difference