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Update 12/13/13

Well in mid July i moved to Puerto Rico, i will refer to it as PR, in search of work. I was living with my uncle. After a few months of searching, i got a job as a security guard at a airport. I basically got the job because my uncle knew the person who was in charge of the guards at the airport. However around December, i lost the job.

April, 2014

Afterwards i returned to NY to live with my parents once again. A month or two after that i went to a non-profit organization, Albany Community Action Partnership ( They are an organization that provides the community with different social services. The service they provided me was in regards to job search and the things that are associated with getting and maintaining a job.

I was with them for nearly 6 months and during that time they helped me practice interview skills, improve my resume a great deal and also went to a workforce development course. I have benefited considerably in those months and am very grateful for their help.

December, 2014

One of the people working at ACAP, saw a job posting and informed me about it.I applied for it and got the job. I have been working at the job for about 3 weeks and its a good job that pays well. Without networking with the people at ACAP and others, i doubt i could have found and have gotten such a good job.

A quote

There is quote that i like to use, its not mine.

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.
I now take this quote to heart because after god only knows how many job applications i sent out, well over 900+ in 2 or so years, i somehow still expecting different results on my 901st resume i sent out.


For years, i must admit i was very stubborn saying that i would only use the internet to find a job. It's Not!!!! Networking, using the newspaper and so forth, could be the methods that could allow you to get that job you want.

Look at me, the almighty internet was not how i got my current job.