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Battlefield: Bad Company (360/PS3)

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Story} You're in Bad Company/ B Company, a United States army which was sent to Russia as part of their war strategy (fictional War of course). Your mission is to infiltrate the Russia's military without knowing that you are just a Cannon Fodder, fighting all the way through Russian Army just for the sake of United States to achieve their goal. {tab=Review (360)}

Before the game even released, there's a load of gameplay video out of it, and cutscenes taken from the game. At first I thought, "When are they going to use proper in-game cutscenes, rather than CGi cutscenes?". I was wrong....all the cutscenes...IS in-game! I realised this just before the game released, watched few trailers and found out that it's in-game. Keep reading the review to find out more cool stuffs from this game.

The storyline is kinda same as any other Military-based games. You'll be given a mission and you have to accomplish it in order to advance to another mission. Besides that, this game also includes some humorous dialogue throughout the game, which makes this game a comical game instead of serious game.

You'll be playing as Private Preston Marlowe, which was transferred to Bad Company aka B Company, a group of troublesome people. In the B Company, you'll join forces with 3 other people, which is Private Terrence Sweetwater/ Sweetwater, a computer genius, hacker and more knowledgable than the others (kinda), Private George Gordon Haggard Jr/ Haggard, a guy who loves explosion, and Sargeant Samuel D. Redford/ Redford, the leader of the B Company. This four-man army was sent by United States to Russia as part of their war strategy. Throughout the game, you'll be entartained by 4 of them with their funny dialogues and behaviour.

Just as I mentioned before, the graphics is amazing! This game is almost fully (or maybe fully) in-game and looks as good as CGi. The texture, lighting and shading, character detail, is Amazing! Graphically, this game is awesome and won't dissapoint any fans who loves good graphics.

The gameplay is all about shoot, take cover, and heal yourself when needed. Unlike some first-person shooter game, your life won't regenarate by itself, you have to inject yourself with something I forgot what is it called in order to gain full health. Besides this, everything's the same. Sometimes, you'll also have to use vehicle such as army truck, tank, etc, in order to complete a mission faster, or getting to far places. This game also includes one special features, which is Destructible Environment. You can blow houses, buildings, as you like. The only problem from this is that some covers can be destroyed and you can get killed because of this, which makes this game more challenging.

The sound effects is top-notched! All the explosion and gunfire sounds real and satisfying. Even the vehicles were given a realistic sounds, such as the army trucks and helicopter. Other than that....I don't think there's more, lol.

To me, this game is quite repetitive at some part, but overall, it's a good game. The things that make this game good is the graphics and the funny dialogues, which keeps you entertained throughout the game. Besides that, maybe it's the Destructible Environment features. I suggest you watch the gameplay video before purchasing or renting the game.

9/10 {tab=Video} Gameplay Trailer