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Comix Zone (Sega Genesis)

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Story} What if, when you were drawing a comic, then suddenly you get sucked into the comic world you just created, unfortunately not a love story , but instead, an action-packed storyline with killer types of enemies? Basically. this is the game's main storyline, to get yourself out of the comic world. Unfortunately, you're not alone, while you got sucked into the comic world, the main villain of the comic you just created came out to the real world, and starts to get in your way, by changing the scene of the comic world by drawing anything he desires. All you can do is, keep on going through the pages, and survive. {tab=Review}

I remember playing this game last time when I was 5 or 6, which is quite tough for me by that time, and I don't really care about the graphics or soundtracks, because I was just a kid by that time, and you know, doesn't know how to appriciate all those kind of stuff. But last year, someday during 2008, I found that game, and started to play it again, and I was really into the game, and ignored my 360 for the rest of the day. I can't believe it that the idea of creating Comix Zone came out during 1995 , and not during 5th generation console, which starts around 96 - 97 if I m not mistaken, which 3D games is possible by that time.

The idea of someone sucked into comic book, nowadays, you can only get this on Manga or Anime, but not video games (please tell me if there's any, I really wanna try). But for Comix Zone, again, for a 1995 game, this idea is amazing, and the coolest thing about this during that time period is that, it's used in a game! A 16-bit game !! LoL, enough with the excited tone, this game have a storyline which is cool during that time period, but due to the system's capability, they have to limits the potential, but if they make a remake version of this game, I am not sure if the idea will turned out good or bad for this time period, because gamers is now exposed to more advanced ideas.

You'll be playing as Sketch Turner, a comic book artist. The game starts with Sketch is working on his comic book and then suddenly, a hand popped out from the page he's working on, and turns out to be the main villain for the comic book, named Mortus. Unfortunately, the main villain gets free, while Sketch gets into the comic book, more like changing roles. Sketch then met his comic book character, Alissa, which believes he's a chosen one, and starts to help Sketch thoroughout his comic book journey. In this game, the top priority for Sketch is survival, if he dies in the comic world, then Mortus will gain a real, living body, and of course, he'll try to conquer the world with his power. Throughout the game, Mortus will sketch numbers of enemies to keep you buzy, and obviously, to kill you. Fortunately for Sketch, he can fight, which is a good thing to use against those sketched by Mortus.

Graphically, this game is amazing for a 1995 game. The comic book style is really a charmer for this game, which is the panels, the dialogue bubble, the text for sound effect, and also Mortus's hand when he's sketching the obstacles. Sketch will also jumps from one panel to another, so that he can advance to the next scene, which is a nice idea as well. Other than that....the character details, and level design, for a 16-bit game, it's amazing. It's not like the developers had any chance to lower the texture or anything, it's not a 3D game, so, they have to create the environment carefully, to make it looked just like a comic book style of drawing.

The gameplay is the real deal! Sketch's life bar is the most important think in this game and you must always be aware of his life bar. That is because whenever he gets hit, or hits a certain thing (like hard or heavy stuff), his life bar will starts to reduce, and recovery items is not that easy to be found. You'll have to use your pet, a Rat (I guess..), to search for hidden items, which is useful to advance the game without taking much damage. So far, throughout this game, the only thing that will frustrates you is that you can't continue if you died, unless you make it to another chapter, then that Mortus guy will give you a chance to continue back to the beginning of the chapter you are on.But if you died again, then that's it, game over. You'll have to start back from the beginning.

Due to 16-bit capability, cool soundtracks can be made possible. This game's soundtracks is one of the best soundtracks for a 16-bit game during that period. There are more than 5 tracks available and each of them is nicely done. As for the sound effects, it's fairly okay. The punches and kicks sounds satisfying, but as for others, such as exploding bombs, breaking a crates, sounded cartoonish, which is no big deal, because the game IS a cartoon themed game.

Overall, this game is a tough game, I only beat this game once lol, tried to make it twice, but I did some mistakes and died, which pisses me off and decided to stop playing the game. You should try this game when you get the chance. Try put aside the "7th-gen games only" minded, and play this game with thoughts such as this game was made in 1995 and a 16-bit cartridge game, then you'll start to love this game. You can watch the gameplay video first before trying the game, just to get a glimpse on how the game looks like, lol.

9.8/10 {tab=Video} {/tabs}