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Crysis (PC/PS3/360)

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{tab=Info} The game is based in a future where a massive ancient Alien structure has been discovered buried inside a mountain on an island in the fictional Lingshan Islands, near the coast of the East Philippines. The single-player campaign has the player assume the role of United States Delta Force operator Jake Dunn, referred to in-game by his call sign, Nomad.

Nomad is armed with various futuristic weapons and equipment, most notably a "Nano Suit" which was inspired by a real-life military concept. In Crysis, the player fights both North Korean and extraterrestrial enemies in various environments on and around the island.

In July 2011, it was revealed that both the ESRB and the equivalent Korean ratings board have rated the original Crysis for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. {tab=Review (PS3)} Launched back in 2007, Crysis was critically acclaimed for its' graphics. Four year later, console owners finally are getting the chance to get their hands on this title. Can the Nano-suit prove its' worth once again?

Crysis begins in 2020, where General Ri-Chan Kyong takes control of the Lingshan Islands. Dr. Rosenthal, and his group of archaeologists send out a distress call indicating that they found something that could change the course of history. U.S. responds by sending Raptor Team, which is formed by Nomad, Psycho, Jester, Aztec and Prophet. They all use a powerful armor called Nano-suit, which enhances their war abilities.

As you begin your very first mission in the game, you will be hit by a mysterious flying object, which will make you crash somewhat far away from your team. You realize things aren't going smoothly when Jester is killed mysteriously. For some reason though, after this few minutes in the game, the story gets stuck and it never gets interesting again until the last missions in the game.

Crysis' gameplay feels lots like Far Cry, the game offers an open world with lots of ways to fulfill your objectives. You will travel the island your way. You will be able to grab a car, a boat, or even run your way to your objective and complete it. Objectives can and will get boring after a few hours. Most of the secondary objectives are absolutely the same and overall the game offers little to no variety in this department. I feel that there was no real sense of progression in the game while completing objectives and many of the environments are the same so you will feel a strange sense of repetition.

In Crysis though, you have the ability to customize every single weapon in the game; from assault scopes, reflex sights, and even the type of ammo you want to use, there will always be something new to add to your weapon. Can't really speak much about the weapons since Crysis offers few weapons to choose from. Other than this little tidbit, I can't really complain much about the weapons since they all feel and handle extremely well.

Added to all this, you will have your nano-suit, which displays a HUD that includes all types of data on screen. But this is not the only thing the nano-suit will do for you, it will also help you run faster, jump like a god and use it as a special armor so you take less damage from your enemies. The nano-suit has a pair of binoculars that can tag enemies, and they will appear on your radar.

I do feel that even though Crysis offers lots of ways for the objectives to be accomplished, most of them can be easily done by just using the sprint mode in your nano-suit. Even in Delta mode, I was able to sneak past through many patrols and get to my objectives with ease. But don't think that the AI in the game is bad, cause it is not. Enemies will respond to your every move and action. They will be able to hear your footsteps and see your shadow while cloaked.

Crysis has stood the test of time showing us some of the most beautiful visuals in gaming. From the luminous glows of the sun, to the amazing water effects the game offers, there is no real reason not to enjoy every view it offers. Shooting buildings will actually affect the structure and will eventually end up bringing it down and explosions feel really powerful since they do affect everything surrounding them. Some of the textures in the game might feel really pretty but once you come close, you'll realize how much fidelity was lost against the PC version.

Overall, Crysis is a good title, and for 20usd I don't see a real reason not to pick this up. It won't keep you at the edge of your seat, but it will be a fun experience nonetheless.

7.5/10 {tab=Videos} Overview


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