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Dead Space (Xbox360/ PS3/ PC)

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Story} The story takes us to the future, where space is a possible place to work and stay. You'll be playing as Isaac Clarke, an engineer, who's responsible to repair a mining ship,"USG ISHIMURA". Isaac and the rest of the team had to crash-landing inside the USG ISHIMURA due to his ship being hit by one of the meteors. Then...inside the USG ISHIMURA...their nightmare starts... {tab=Review (360)}

Horror games...most of you might love horror games, including me, lol. The very first time I tried this game, the first word came out from my mouth is ... "wow". Wanna know how it WOW-ed me ? Keep on reading this review (?o?) !!

The storyline is same as other survival horror games which is you're in trouble, and survival is the top priority to get yourself out of the nightmare. And of course, there will be lots of scary stuff trying to kill or annoy you throughout the game.

This game is 3rd-person shooter and a sci-fi survival horror game, this combination just can't go wrong. If you played Resident Evil 4 or Gears of War, then this game is no different. For me, the horror elements in this game is not that much, but it has more surprise and suspense elements, which will make you go "bwah!" or "Nononononono!!" at some part.

This game starts with you, playing as Isaac, sitting inside a spaceship, heading towards "USG ISHIMURA", a mining ship, which is said that there's a problem with the ship and you have to go there and fix the problem. Unluckily, on your way to the USG ISHIMURA, a meteor hit your ship. The ship you're on have to emergency-landing inside the USG ISHIMURA, then, along with Isaac's team mates, Kendra, a technologist, and Zach, who is in charged of the operation, you have to find a way to survive and get the hell out of the USG ISHIMURA, while violent-type aliens will try to kill you throughout the journey.

Like other sci-fi games, there will be cool advanced weapons that you can use throughout the game. In this game, the very first weapon you'll get is a Plasma Gun, which fires a type of energy which can slice through the enemy's body parts such as limbs. Dismemberment is important in this game, most of the aliens need to be dismember in order to kill it faster, and less ammo consumption.

The graphics is this game is gorgeous. The dark environment in this game works well in creating a dark and suspens atmosphere. The lighting and shading is realistic, at some part, the lighting makes the in-game graphics look as good as CGi. The character detail is good and the element of gore in this game is good enough for a horror game, such as sliced body parts, body turned to pieces, seeing your character's head swallowed by aliens...urgh. The items selection screen will pop-up in real time and won't pauses the game, which makes your character vulnerable to enemy attacks.

The sound effects is good, especially the weapons, which sounds satisfying when shooting aliens. The aliens sounded real and sometimes scary at some part. The sound effects for gory parts in this game is well done, such as the crunchy sounds made from broken bones or head being smashed and also the sounds of getting turned apart, which sounded kinda similar to shirt being torned apart, but more nasty. Overall, the sound effects in this game is well done.

Overall, this game is balanced game, the visuals and gameplay both did a good job. For those of you who loves gory survival horror games, then this is the right choice. To me, this is an enjoyable game, with good storyline, nice graphics, and satisfying gameplay. I suggest that you watch the gameplay video first before deciding whether buying it or not.

9.2/10 {tab=Video} {/tabs}