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Infinite Undiscovery (360)

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{tab=Story} In this game, you'll be playing as Capell, a flute player. His mission is to unbind chains that binding the world and moon together. The antagonist who is responsible for the chains is Leonid and Capell had to destroy him in order to get rid all of the chains. Capell is accompanied by a female archer, Aya, a broadsword wielder, Edward, and a knight, Sigmund, also known as The Liberator. Throughout the journey, you'll meet more characters and all of them can be choose either to join your party or not. {tab=Review}

Although it is published by Square Enix, don't expect it to be as good as Final Fantasy though. But still, it's quite enjoyable and entertaining.

The plot of this game is quite simple, first you are alone, no parents, no friends, then a girl met you, then you'll be meeting her comrades, then you join them on their mission.

Like most Japanese fantasy games (not just Japanese, almost all fantasy games), magic is involved. But in this game, the concept is quite unique. There are 2 type of people in this game, which is Blessed and Unblessed. Blessed peoples was born in full moon or when the moon is visible and they can use magic, while Unblessed peoples was born while moon is not visible and they can't use magic. Unfortunately, the main character, Capell, is an unblessed, it's because he was born during the night of a lunar eclipse.

The story started with Capell being alone in a prison cell while a guard is watching over him. But later then, a female character, Aya, came to rescue him. But later on, then Aya found out that Capell is not the one she's been trying to save, but Sigmund is one. Capell looks like Sigmund, and that is why he's been captured and prisoned, instead of Sigmund himself. Later on, Aya brings Capell along and get out of the prison. Then they discovered that Sigmund didn't even got captured, instead, he hides himself from being captured. Capell then meet Sigmund and the other comrades of Aya's and he's been told about their mission, which is to destroy the chains that binds the earth and moon together. At first, Capell resist to join them, but after being with them for quite a while, then he decided to join them. Then, the real journey starts.

The Gameplay is more like Final Fantasy 12, but, the differences is that there is no time bar and you can freely hit enemies by combos or magics, kinda same as Kingdom Hearts. Each party consist of 4 character, and the game will sometimes ask you to choose any characters you want before starting a certain mission, and it cant be changed if you are in battle grounds/outside city. The only way to change the party member is to get back inside any city. So, you have to make sure you picked the right one or you'll regret it if the city is far away (you have to go back by foot, there's no transportation)

The graphic is not that amazing, but it still looks cool at some parts. The lighting does a good job in giving realistic shadings to the characters and sometimes, even an in-game cutscenes, the visuals looks like a CGi/FMV, all thanks to the lighting. The textures of the character's appearance is more cartoonish rather than realistic, it is not cell-shaded though.

Although it is 2 disc game, the main storyline is not that long, the only thing that makes it long is all the running you have to go through to get to one place or another. Like normal RPGs, the gameplay only consist of leveling up and go through the mission, for those who are new to RPGs might think it's repetitive. But don't worry, the interesting storyline will keep you on your seats even though it is repetitive.

If you want a balance JRPG, then I suggest this is one of the game you should try. The game kinda slow at the beginning, but It'll starts to get interesting later then. Although this game had a mixed reviews, but for me, this game is not a bad game, and not a good game either. So, if you want to try it out, it's cool, or you can watch the gameplay video first before trying it.

7.8/10 {tab=Video} Trailer

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