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Naruto: Rise of A Ninja (360)

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Story} The story for this game is similar to the anime series. If you've watched the anime, then you already know the story. The story takes place from the very beginning of the Naruto series, which is from episode 1 where Naruto graduated, until the 79th episode...or 80th episode (kinda forgot), where Konoha village's been attacked and Naruto fought with Gaara later on using his newly learned jutsu, the summoning jutsu. {tab=Review}

Surprisingly, this game was developed by Ubisoft (non-japanese developer) !! At first I thought It should be Bandai Namco, but no! Is their first try on Naruto worked out well? Keep on reading this review to find out (?o?) !!

Like most Naruto games before this, the game's storyline is similar to the anime series, and of course with some side quest. The same goes for this game, the cutscenes sometimes uses videos taken straight from the anime. The only thing about the videos is that they simplified certain scenes from the anime, it's okay, but for anyone who's new to Naruto might not know what's the real thing that happened during that scene. This is no big deal, it didn't even affect the storyline.

The game starts with Naruto sitting on a swing, failed to graduate as independent ninja. Then there's this one teacher, Mizuki, told him to about this one secret scroll, which had powerful jutsus (skill) written in it and Mizuki told him to get the scroll so that Naruto can learn some powerful jutsus and get graduated. Actually, he's just using Naruto to get the scroll. Then, Naruto manages to get the scroll and learned one jutsu from that scroll, which is the Shadow-clone Jutsu where he'll be able to divide himself into a large number. Mizuki tried to attack him later then, but, in order to save Naruto from being attack, another teacher, Iruka, which is close to Naruto, pushes Naruto and receives the attacks. Naruto then beat Mizuki using the new jutsu he just learned. Due to Naruto's bravery, Iruka then graduate Naruto to independent ninja. He is then transferred into a team of 3 and this is where his life as a Ninja starts.

The gameplay is quite repetitive, you'll have to go through a certain area again and again in completing a mission. Besides main missions, you can also go for side missions, such as finding missing stuff, search for herbs/coins, etc. And again, it's the same thing, you'll have to go through certain area again and again in order to finish the mission. Another thing about this game being repetitive is, you'll encounter the same enemy evertime during the mission. Although it is repetitive, it's also quite fun. Besides mission, You can roam the Konoha Village freely, search for hidden stuffs and also you can experience the nice visuals throughout the game.

Like most Naruto games, the graphic is cell-shaded and for this game, it is nicely done! Although there's some problems with the face detail, but overall, the character design is great, the village is done according to the original Konoha Village, and the overall graphics almost looks like anime. The shading in this game is good, especially the shading for the character, it's realistic and at some part almost look like anime style shading. The jutsus effects is great too, it is nicely done, the jutsus looks powerful and makes you feel like it might hurt you big time if it hits you, lol.

The sound effects is good, especially during combat sequence. All the punches and kicks sound satisfying when you hit the enemy. The only thing is the english-dubbed cutscenes and the voices for the characters. To me, the voice for Naruto is good, it sounds just like the Japanese version of Naruto. But some of the character, or most of them, unfortunately isn't as good as naruto. But still, it is a good try.

Although this game is repetitive, but it is fun to play. Just by looking at the nice graphics will reduce the pain you get from the repetitive gameplay. For those who loves cell-shaded games, this game won't dissapoint you! Overall, this game is more to graphics than gameplay. I suggest you Watch the gameplay video first before deciding to buy or rent this game.

7.6/10 {tab=Video} {/tabs}