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Detuned (PSN)

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Throw yourself into a stunning and crisp High Definition environment that brings your visions to life in real-time with Detuned, a personalised, interactive music experience which gives you the opportunity to create dynamic artwork in real-time to accompany your XMB music collection.!

{slide=Features} Manipulate and tweak your own music tracks to compliment your artistic creation;

Let your creative juices flow using the Wireless Controller's easy, pick-up-and-play controls;

Enjoy an abstract and surreal interactive experience.

{/slide} {tab=Videos} Gameplay Video


What happens when you mix a well dressed man, a boat load of LSD, and a family gathering of Domo-Kun look-a-likes? Well, in the world of Sony, you get a game named Detuned (literally .deTuned). Released as a "demo" but titled as a full $2.99 US game on the PSN store, Detuned resembles more of a paid-for flash game than a full game. Can this cheap game offer more than what it's worth?

Sporting interesting but ugly graphics, Detuned looks like an adult's professional drawing on paper that's been ruined by a child's lack of drawing skill with random cartoony characters and tilted buildings (as well as a giant rubber duck). The game starts off with a man walking to his chair and sitting down in a very formal way. From there, you can tweak the limited options by adjusting the sound and choosing from your own music by browsing your XMB.

Moving the Sixaxis controller will move the camera around the man (who's name is apparently Rob), make circle motions with the L3 to zoom in and out (R3 to move Rob), and the four action buttons to change the type of dance that Rob will do. The shoulder buttons increase and decrease the... hallucinations that you see on screen and the special effects with the song playing in the background. There is no slowing down, speeding up, or reverse to tweak the songs (you tweak it by choosing a dance and moving L3), only pitch up, pitch down, and other strange effects.

Although there is almost nothing to do in the game with pretty much only a few minutes (or seconds) of actual entertainment, the cost of this application is almost worth the 10 trophies it contains, and the few minutes you will get with the game while trying to get these trophies will be the strangest 5 minutes you will have spent with any game on the PlayStation store.

{slide=Story and Presentation - 2.5}

No story at all and the presentation lacks appeal.

{/slide} {slide=Gameplay - 3.5}

Overly repetitive and limited gameplay that only gives the player a few minutes of entertainment before being really bored.

{/slide} {slide=Graphics - 5}

Though the graphics are ugly and strange, the filters within the game make up for the silliness it contains.

{/slide} {slide=Audio - 5.5}

Being able to use your own music is good, but some of the sound filters hurt your ears.

{/slide} {slide=Value - 4.5}

For the price of the game, the 10 trophies is probably the best thing you can get from this game.


Overall: 4/10