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Motorstorm - PS3

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Review } Think Mad Max combined with a lash of Flatout, Road Rash, Burnout, and Big Motha Truckers - that's what Motorstorm is all about!

First thing that hits you about this game is the physics - wow, this is what we're talking about, the crash damage physics in this game are second to none (bar reality!) lol, vehicles dent and crumple, debris scatter everywhere and they STAY on track, so you've got to be extra careful when you go round the second time as the debris of a car will, and has many a times hinder your efforts! There is a vast variety of vehicles in this game and each one performs and handles independently. The second thing that amazes is the graphics, nicely detailed graphics coupled with atmospheric background scenery and terrains really make the game world feel so engaging!

Remember Road Rash on the good old Megadrive/Genesis? Well subsequent games after the 16bit classics were never quite the same (except for 3DO/PS1 versions). In Motorstorm, you can choose to race with bikes and really mix it up with rivals. You can taunt your opponents as well as (wait for it, drum rolls...) punch and smack your riders off their bikes! YAY! :)


Online play is the icing on the cake, the game is pretty much rock solid and smooth, there is no lag even on a 1mb connection. The lobby can be a bit convoluted at times but once you start getting into the swing of things it's a doodle. Online Motorstorming has never been so much fun!

The sound effects are very well done too, revviing of engines, screeching tires and best of all are the ear-wincing sounds of crashing n big booming explosions!
There is a variety of music tracks played throughout the game and most of them suit the game's theme quite appropriately. One track which stands out in particular is by Pendulum, its a very catchy and distinct track with lashings of drum'n bass. It's so good that it had me buying their whole album!

Motorstorm's a great game, you'd never have the same race twice - from the makers of WRC (World Rally Championship), Evolution Studios have done a fantastic job for the gaming world! A sequel is in the works too, let's hope they enable rumble/vibration as well as viewable/saveable replays. Also, the Motorstorm engine will be used in forthcoming PS3 futuristic racer WIPEOUT! :)


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