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Fly Fu - iPhone

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games


Oh, nooooz!

A fluffy little moth, named Kate Moth, was kidnapped by evil spideress Queen Overseer and drawn away to a dark, nasty attic in the suburbs. It's up to you to help our hero, Monthy McFly, a common housefly and a bug of action to rescue his true love from the claws of the evil insects!

5 episodes are waiting for you to complete including the garden, the patio and some indoor scenes, each with a unique boss, like members of The Cuticulous Gang (Rhino and Buster) and stunning fencer, Landon Longhorn.

- unique style of art
- fight your way through bees, wasps and annoying little ladybugs
- get really mad at insects bugging around and go berserk
- arm yourself with matchsticks and needlepins on your journey to gain more fist power
- enjoy dismemberment and decapitation in slow motion
- story mode accompanied with cutscenes with twists on plot and surprises
- survival mode to test your endurance
- lots of species of insects to fight
- intense doodle violence and heated Kung Fu action!


Think of old classic kung-fu movies, think of The Fly, now enter Fly Fu from Invictus Games!

As with most beat'em ups, the story is pretty traditional. Playing as the hero Monthy McFly, your beloved mothfriend 'Kate Moth' has been kidnapped by a nasty spideress known as 'Queen Overseer', you job is to rescue Kate whist battling through Overseer's minions.

It's been a while since I played a scrolling beat'em up title with such panache and humor, come to think of it, it has been a long while! Fly Fu brings back the magic of scrolling beat'em up fighters and then some. From the moment the game is 'DoodLing...' up, you know you are in for something special.

The first thing that strikes you about the game is the graphics, the detail to the main character and the various enemies are first class, you can see all the detail as you would expect to from a real life insect - well almost, as I don't like inspecting that close! The animation in Fly Fu is amazingly fluid, from the various kicks and punches you can perform to somersaults and high flying-kicks etc, it's a marvel to watch yet alone control. The scenery and background graphics are all very nicely drawn too, as you fight through the enemies, watch them break into little pieces as each hit connects, some will even fly up and into the background, a great touch! There is even some nice effects of depth too from the foreground scenery - coupled with the cut-scenes which are well drawn and humorous.

There are two modes to choose from, Story and Survival, with the latter, your aim is to survive as long as possible. There are five episodes to battle your way through, each level increasing in bugs and insects, at the end of each episode you will fight a bug-boss. As you advance in the game, initially you will engage in unarmed combat, later in the stage, you get to pick up items such as needle-pins and matchsticks as weapons. Health kits are also available from the various enemies throughout the game. Aiding the fight to your beloved, you a have rage meter which is situated underneath your health bar, as you dispose of enemies, the meter fills up gradually, once it is fully red and maxed up, you go into Berserk mode; you turn all gung-ho wearing a headband with red boxing gloves! You can obliterate enemies with just a few hits and kicks, watch as a load of them break into pieces and the action is sloooowed down - which makes it ever so dramatic! Once the rage meter reaches back to zero level, you return back to your normal state again.

Sonically, Fly Fu has a nice kung-fu themed soundtrack throughout the levels, the sound effects are well sampled too with lots of limb-breaking noises. I liked the fact that when a weapon is picked up, a nice trinklet is heard, the sound sample that is played reminded me of an 8-bit classic flick screen beat'em up!

Replay-wise, when you complete the story mode, there is survival mode to play dabble in - it won't take particularly long to complete the story mode but will keep you coming back for more from time to time as there are various OpenFeint achievements to attain.

Conclusion: Fly Fu is an impressive portable fighter with lots of great graphics and smooth animation. Despite being a bit on the short side, while it lasts, there's plenty of action and entertainment to be had. Hopefully there will be more to come from this game. In the meantime, its worth splatting a few flies (dollars) for!


+ Amazing graphics and animation
+ Great soundtrack and sound effects
+ Funny and well drawn cut-scenes
+ OpenFeint enabled (Achievements, Leaderboards)

- Quite short