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Jugen (iPhone)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games


Jugen from Munky Interactive is a fun and unique game that challenges the player to no end.

The aim of the game is extraordinarily simple; Take out all the red balls whilst keeping the main (blue ball) within the screen.

Controls are easy and intuitive, you simply adjust the white arrow positioned on the blue ball by tilting to the desired angle and power, followed by a single tap which will execute the move.

As you progress the game will get increasingly challenging, you will have to plan wisely if you want to get a good score. You are given three balls as lives and each time you lose them all you will be shunted back a level. This is a nice feature which makes you learn the game thoroughly by placing shots carefully, once have you have beaten that particularly fiendish level you feel a sense of achievement.

Graphically, the graphics in Jugen are clean and vibrant with nicely presented menu screens, also I like the fact that the balls look realistic and the animation is well done.

Sonically, Jugen has a nice far eastern soundtrack which is both relaxing and soothing, don't play this game at night as you may end up falling asleep due to the nature of the music! The sound effects are are well sampled and convincing.

Replay-wise, there are 38 levels in the game PLUS user created levels which you can either download or make some yourself and upload via the level editor. There are some pretty decent and challenging designed levels from the community and will keep you going for some time or however long you like playing as there's an abundance of levels out there to choose from.

Conclusion: Jugen is a great game that will keep you entertained for various amounts of time; easy to get into, difficult to put down! It's definitely worth checking out.


+ Great graphics, presentation and animation
+ Soothing soundtrack and good sound effects
+ Level editor to create more levels as well as download new ones
+ OpenFeint enabled (Achievements, Leaderboards)
+ Simple yet addictively challenging

- Not enough OpenFeint achievements