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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3/360/PC)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Info} Dog Days has players take control of James Seth Lynch for most of the game (while the second player in co-op is Adam "Kane" Marcus). After the Venezuela incident in Dead Men, both Kane and Lynch part ways. Lynch starts a new life in Shanghai with a girlfriend named Xiu although being involved in a crime organization led by English-born ex-pat Glazer.

After Glazer tells Lynch about a high paying operation involving smuggling guns to Africa, Lynch calls Kane for aid in return for a split in the deal. Not only the job would help them retire but also benefit Kane's estranged daughter Jenny (who survived the events in Dead Men). {tab=Video} Trailer

{tab=Review (PS3)}

The sequel to the first game arrives, it's not all sweet unfortunately, not by a long shot...

You see, the first game was like a trial, a pilot if you like, and it was warmly received due to it's poor gameplay mechanics and structure. The game wasn't particularly great in respects to the control system and the broken aiming system. Despite its flaws, it did fairly well and obviously enough for the developers to create a sequel.

So, for the sequel you'd expect the developers to have improved everything that grated the game first time around, well yes and no. Graphically, it has improved somewhat with its fancy lighting and gritty filters. With its fancy effects and such, initially it may seem to be adding to the atmosphere of the game, actually it's more of an annoyance than anything else as with most of the time you'd find that it just doesn't do anything fancy that hasn't been done before (i.e. Rockstar's Manhunt series).

The camera-shaking effect is a nice idea but not until you start to get motion-sickness! This thankfully, can be turned off as well as the gritty filter effects. The textures of the character models aren't particularly detailed either, enemy models and civilians are pretty much generic looking textures used over and over again, at best the title looks like a high-def PS2 game.

As mentioned earlier regarding the control system, well it's pretty much the same as the first game really - meaning it feels fiddly and loose as opposed to tight and responsive, the characters don't move particular fast either, even when sprinting, it seems like they are taking a leisurely stroll about the place when there's loads of bullets coming from left, right and center.

The cover system is pretty weak too with the characters still taking damage now and again when they're fully behind cover. Aiming and shooting is a hit and miss affair, you'd occasionally land a few nice head-on headshots but other than that, you'd just spray the area and hope for the best - just like before then...

The A.I. of enemies are not particulary bright, they'd take cover from time to time as they do, but it's when they see you and just run a few feet from you and shoot elsewhere that really takes the biscuit, they would also go into spots where they are left open to gunfire and repeat this over and over again, which equates to easy kills with zero challenge.

Well, this pretty much sums up story mode, the game is just generic and repetitive to no end. Now moving on to multiplayer, this mode would be the games saving grace for had it not been so linear and repetitive, there are various modes to choose from, in split-screen co-op mode the title even crashed out a few times, by the end of it all, the title just seems too stale with all the been there and done that scenarios.

Conclusion: Kane & Lynch 2 is a big disappointment, it tries to move forwards but is dragged back down into the murky waters of it's former self. Save yourself the hassle and leave this in the bargain bin, as that is where it really belongs.


+ It's slightly better than the first game, but not much

- Gimmicky graphical filters and effects
- Linear and repetitive gameplay
- Bland character textures and details
- Dodgy aiming and shooting mechanics
- Dodgy cover-system
- Short game in both single and multiplayer modes
- Senseless storyline and mindless violence