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Space Invaders: Infinity Gene (PS3/360)

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{tab=Info} The latest in the iconic series, new modes, new graphics, new enemies, and a whole lot of shooting.
Developed by Taito Corporation and distributed by Square-Enix. {tab=Video} {tab=Review (360)} Space Invaders: Infinity Gene is a new twist on a old classic. If you are looking for the original version, you will probably want to avoid this game.

In this version of the gaming icon, you have a few new things. Evolutions: once you get enough total points, which doesn't have to be in one session, your ship will evolve and will give it some cool upgrades. New weapons: From the standard rapid fire (pew pew), to a seeking bullet, to even a wide range shot. They even have a few new game modes.

Music mode, where you play your tunes stored on your xbox, and enemies come flying towards you in time, in based on the volume of the music. It is cool for the first bit, but it doesn't work that great. It is something cool to come back to.

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene

Normal mode, you basically play like 1943 (arcade game, not the year duh) and this is the fastest way to evolve your ship. Enemies come flying, you shoot them, it is fairly fun.

Challenge mode, same deal as Normal, except unlike Normal mode, the stages are never the same, so you can't work on timing, and remember when a enemy pops up.

The graphics are revamped, but not at the same time, let me attempt to explain. The creators kept tried and true to the enemies and ships in terms of design, all white and simple. The backgrounds are always changing in colour, or sometimes it is a constant repeating pattern, which is a very cool effect, it however can sometimes be distracting.

The music is also tried and true to the original. While listening to the soundtrack, it makes me feel like I'm in a 80's arcade. They defiantly did a good job. The sound effects are basically the same, which is very cool.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a new twist on Space invaders, get this game. If you are looking for the classic with the original game play, DO NOT GET THIS GAME! There is no mode like the original. Good game overall.

Rating: 8/10 {/tabs}