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Blade Kitten (360/PS3/PC)

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It’s all fun and games… then someone gets hurt.

Sometime in the future, somewhere that’s not Earth…

Kit Ballard is a bounty hunter and one of the best in the business. Together with her alien sidekick Skiffy and her sword, the Darque Blade, she hunts down rogue mechs and soft targets. Kit becomes the nexus of a tumultuous series of events on the strange planetoid known as HOLLOW WISH.

Blade Kitten the game begins with Kit tracking a local troublemaker named Terra-Li on the mysterious artificial planetoid Hollow Wish. But on her way to doing so Kit uncovers a dark secret about Hollow Wish and its inhabitants, little does she realize that her actions will affect the destiny of an entire planet…

Her tale is one of liberation.

Her tail is pink.


First we had Lara, then came along Nariko and Bayonetta - now we have Blade Kitten.

Blade Kitten is a pretty straightforward 2.5D side-scrolling platformer with loads of fighting and climbing (she's a cat if the title hasn't given it away already!) around the the levels thrown in for good measure. She has a number of cool moves at her disposal such as jumping moves and attacking moves which is all pretty unique to her character abilities.

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The controls take a few moments to get used to, but once you get going you will be flowing quite haphazardly blasting and slicing up enemies in a nice combo'ish kinder way. Button mashing does yield quite successfully to an extent in the game and more than enough times, you'll be able to combo your way out nicely out of some of the trickier situations throughout the title.

Graphics consist of nice vibrant colorful cel-shaded character models and terrains in the theme of an anime.

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Overall: Blade Kitten is a fun and pretty much of a no brainer game where can just get into it and play and not worry about puzzles that are more taxing that they are worth! There are over 10 levels which can be quite lenghty depending how you want to explore and play the game. Definitely worth giving the game a shot or two - and for the younger members; this will keep 'em busy for a while!


+ Great cel-shaded and cartoony graphics
+ Lots of enemies to thrash
+ Lots of levels
+ Easy to pick up and play for young and old

- Can get repetitive