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Apache: Air Assault (PS3/360/PC)

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Apache: Air Assault is a new combat flight simulation game based on the Apache AH-64D Longbow attack helicopter. The player takes on the role of three distinct Apache crews that each deal with what at first appears to be localized enemy activity, but eventually reveals itself to be part of the larger plan. The gameplay intercuts back and forth between the three crews as the action and stakes escalate.

Apache: Air Assault features 16 multi-stage missions involving air and ground strike operations off the coast of Africa, the mountains of the Middle East and the jungles of Central America, each meticulously created using high resolution map data from real-world satellite photography. Apache helicopters are some of the most sophisticated combat aircraft on the planet — the player gets to fly multiple variations of them, each with their own extreme firepower and highly-detailed damage modeling.


  • Experience what a real Apache pilots feel in a realistic cockpit with animated gauges, dials and buttons;
  • Use the full array of real Apache weapons!
  • 16 multi-stage missions with different landscapes from all over the world;
  • Flexible difficulty level system: from arcade to realistic simulation;
  • Realistic sound effects and original live orchestra soundtrack;
  • Highly detailed locations;
  • Dynamic lighting, volumetric clouds and explosions;
  • yuPlay support: achievements, friends;
  • Local Co-op Campaign Mode.

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The last time I played a game with helicopters in was quite a long time, thinking back it was the days of the old 16bit era, think Desert, think Strike, put those two words together and you get something special!

Apache: Air Assault from Activision is a helicopter simulation, simulation in the sense that it's not too overly complicated with dozens of controls and commands you'd expect from a platform such as a PC - it's a game that you can just pick up and play, well after playing the pretty straight-forward tutorial that is.

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From the start of the game, you can choose from two difficulty settings such as training and realistic, training is for amateur and novice pilots alike - the pace of the game will be slower, enemy and such will be more forgiving and the amount of control you have over the copter will be limited too - whereas realistic well it speaks for itself really; puts you in all sorts of realistic fighting scenarios, more control and commands and when encountering your rivals, enemy combat is much more less forgiving and you really should save and conserve ammo whenever you can, you can't really go in with guns ablazing (well you can, but you won't last very long!).

Aside from the single player mode there is also room for another player via co-operative mode, the players have the roles of either a pilot or co-pilot gunner - both of you work as a team throughout the mode. Online mode is also implemented in the title as well - there are a number of modes online - from customization of missions to custom skirmish matches as well as copter races, the online mode is pretty diverse and entertaining.

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Graphically, the animation and copter models are immaculately detailed, from the exterior details such as copter blades and weaponry to details such as all the dials and buttons you'd expect from a real copter instrument panel, the dials all move as they would in reality. Also, the windows of the copter has nice details such as cracks and such when you take a few shots from the enemy. Scenery detail such as buildings, airfields and terrains are nicely detailed too.

Sound and music-wise is top notch, when run through a 5.1 sound system, it really sounds as if all those bullets and explosions are really happening, great co-pilot commands and a nice musical score throughout the menus screens.

Apache: Air Assault is a great attempt in recreating the tense battles of of reality without the need for complex commands and controls. It doesn't take too long to get into the hang of things (even easier as you can use a flight stick) and once you do, it becomes so much more rewarding - so the more you put in the more you will get out! With a load of single mode missions as well as co-operative and online play, Apache: Air Assault is a great title for fans of flight combat games as well as gamers who just want a decent flight title that offers a good amount of variety and challenges...


+ Excellent attention to graphics and copter models
+ Realistic sound effects and good music
+ Plenty of challenges and missions
+ Co-operative and online modes
+ Flight stick compatible
+ Rewarding gameplay

- Takes time and patience to get through the higher difficulty settings