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Dragon's Lair (PSN)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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Classic arcade game of the 80's gets released on PSN.

Thinking back to the time of classic arcade gaming back in the eighties that just left me in awe of it's visuals and such, that would be Astron Belt and Dragon's Lair.

You see back in the days of videogames, graphics of games were pretty standard in that they all looked similar fundamentally. Games that were in the arcades and games that were on home systems, there was a difference in technology between the two.

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When you went to an arcade and played almost every game available and came across a title such as Dragon's Lair, it just stood out from the rest of them all. You see, Dragon's Lair was based on laserdisc technology which was far ahead of its time before DVD come in to effect much later down the line. The graphics or indeed animated footage in this case were beautifully animated just the same visuals as seen in animated cartoons, nothing could really fault it or indeed even replicate it on home gaming systems back in the days.

The aim of Dragon's Lair is pretty straight forward, you must direct Dirk the Daring though a hazardous castle to rescue your beloved princess named Daphne. You control Dirk by watching onscreen prompts that display the type of action you should be taking, i.e. as in a direction of left, you would press in the direction of left accordingly and with correct timing. This type of interaction is known as a quick time event/QTE, I believe the title was the first ever game created to rely on QTE's. The game is about quick reactions and good memory skills.

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The title is pretty much arcade perfect, with online leaderboards to see whose top Dirk, there is even a WATCH GAME mode where you can simply just watch the game being played out to you as if it was an animated movie, a nice touch I must add for a title as unique as this. The game has been faithfully recreated and although it's limited in interaction, it is a game that will always remembered as a classic innovation.

Let's hope more games will be coming from the developer such as the sequel to the title and the classic that was Space Ace! :)