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DC Universe Online (PS3/PC)

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Story} DC Universe Online is set in the present day, but the opening cinematic sequence takes place in a gritty, war-torn future depicting a final battle between the world's greatest heroes and villains.

This battle takes place in the ruins of Metropolis, and features the deaths of several well-known DC Comics characters. The battle culminates with the death of Superman at the hands of Lex Luthor. Luthor stands back to proclaim his victory, only to see Brainiac's armada fill the skies. {tab=Review (PS3)} I am not a MMO person but DC Universe Online (DCUO) makes me reconsider my decision. It is pretty cool being able to play next to and/or against some of the heroes/villains that i grew up with.

The overall story of the game is pretty good. The game starts off with a massive battle happening between the forces of good and evil. At end the of battle, the evil side lead by Lex Luthor is victorious. However, to Lex's dismay there seem to have been a third party, who is none other than Brainiac.

Brainiac enters the now finished battle and kills any remaining survivors, both heroes and villains alike. The only person who was able to survive Brainiac's surprise attack was Lex Luthor. He somehow managed to get onto one of Brainiac's ships and use Brainiac's technology to go back in time.

Now in the past, Lex talks to Superman, Batman and Wonder Women. Lex informs the 3 about Brainiac's future plans. Additionally Lex, releases some sort of nanomachines, using Brainiac's technology, onto the world. Lex does this because he wants to make more heroes/villains who can fight against Brainiac. The nanomachines are what allows you to enter the DC Universe.

Before you begin the game, you have to make a few decisions. Will you be a hero or a villain? Next is, you need to decide who do you want to be your mentor. The hero mentors are Superman, Batman and Wonderwomen. The villain mentors are Lex Luthor, Joker and Circe. Then you need to decide your form of movement; fly like Superman, acrobatics which lets you climb walls like Spiderman or superspeed like The Flash. Your final decision is how you will want to fight, do you want to use; guns, swords, magic and so forth.

As just mentioned, you have 3 movement types to choose. Regardless which movement type you decide to use, they are all activated by pressing the L3 button. If you have your movement power "turned off" you will walk around like a normal person. The first option is acrobatics, which allows you to climb walls like spiderman. I know that spiderman is NOT is this game but acrobatics simply reminds me of spiderman. Additional, when you are not climbing some building, your character dashes to get to the destination.

The second option allows you to fly like superman. As such, you do not touch the ground at all, even while standing still. I found that flying was very easy thing to do and loved it. The final way to move is by using superspeed, just like The Flash. You use your superspeed on anything that your feet can touch, regardless of whether it is on the street or the side of a building.

If you are wondering which movement is the fastest, i think that superspeed is the fastest, then comes flying and lastly comes acrobatics. I personally like flying the best because the game does a pretty good job at making you feel as though you are really flying.

I have created hero and villain characters and have leveled them both to at least level 20. If you have the time to have multiple characters, i think it is a great idea to play both as a hero and a villain. I say so because you get both sides of the story. If you do not understand a mission/story you are given as a hero, playing that same mission as a villain will often answer your questions. Playing both sides will give you double playing time, at least that is how it turned out for me.

I know that its pretty obvious but i will say it anyway, the Heroes/Villains are one of the main reasons that one will be playing this game. The Heroes/Villains are either a hit or a miss, well mostly. Some of the Heroes/Villains are prefect in regards to both their appearance and voice. Some of them include, but not limited to Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

On the flip side, some Heroes/Villains do not sound and/or look right. I was under the impression that most, if not all, the Heroes/Villains had their original voices but i could be wrong. For example, Doctor Fate looked downright awful. It is as though, Doctor Fate was not allowed to eat for weeks at a time. I say this because he looks like a malnourished old man in a superhero costume.

Another character i hate is The Martian Man Hunter. He simply sounds horrible, i hate talking to him and try to avoid him. When i say "sounds horrible" i mean that the voice does not match the Heroes/Villains persona that i have heard before.

The controls were very thought out, i really liked the layout on the PS3 controller. You have 2 standard attacks. Additionally, pressing either L2/R2 allows you to use 8 special attacks. Overall, it is great but i sometimes found that i pressed the wrong attack button while in the heat of battle. Though this could be that i was in a hurry and not the games fault.

Leveling within the game is pretty easy. I say this mainly because you earn XP multiple times for every mission. For example, one mission has you do two things. The first being that you need to defend 3 doctors from bad guys. The other is that you need to collect 5 samples of a virus. If you do both of these, you get XP for both. In addition, once you talk to the person who gave you the mission, you get additional XP.

This is great and all, for leveling, but it becomes bothersome that you need to go the the person who gave you the mission. I understand that you may get some extra lines from the mission giver but having to do this for nearly every mission is just not worth it. This is such a bother because the game not do such a good job in allowing you get from place to place, which I discuss further down in the review.

You have additional ways of getting XP, other than simply fighting enemies. You can either do races and/or go do tours. Races are just as they sound, you are given a "track" that you must follow. Within the "track" you must go through circles in a certain order. If you do not do them in order, you will not be able to complete the race.

Tours are given out by super hero; Booster Gold. Following the tours allows you to visit various areas and get the history about them. Both of these methods are a easy and relatively fast way of getting XP.

One of the questions you may be wondering - "Are there any differences between heroes and Villains?" Well, to some extent there is. Obviously, the individually stories will change, but the overall story is that Brainiac is the ultimate bad guy. The leveling, upgrade trees and gameplay themselves are exactly the same.

Additionally, regardless of which side you pick, you will start in the same location which is in one of Brainiac's ships. I was expecting this but seeing as this is my first MMO, i just wanted to point it out. You are able to create the same exact character for both roles. By same, i mean that they can look alike; have the same powers and so forth.

As i said before, i created both a hero and a villain, they became looking nearly the same. However, because this is a MMO, you will not get the same item drops even though you are playing the same missions. As you progress through the game, your characters will slowing start looking like individual characters.

Whenever you defeat a boss, you will get a cutscenes that shown in comic like form, instead of being done in CGI. I think this is a stellar idea because it pays homage to the comics that inspired DC Universe. It combines the best of both worlds, comics and video games, which DC does quite well. I really enjoy watching them.

DC universe Online takes the open world concept to a whole new level.

Forget what GTA4 did and think DC Universe - "If you can see it, you be there"

It is pretty cool that you are able to climb a 50+ story skyscraper, which i have done countless times. The only downside is that it takes quite time to climb them. I will assume that flying would be much faster but i did not select the flying characteristic for my character.

On a side-note, you are able to walk on water. If you are wondering, walking on water does not mean that you are a god but rather a Hero/Villain. This does come in handy if you cannot fly yourself over the many major bodies of water.

As one would assume with any open world concept, size can be both a good and bad thing. Yes, you are able to explore all the landscapes of your favorite characters. However, you may forget that you need to travel over the various landscapes. As such, it becomes very tedious moving from location to location. The game does a less than average job in allowing gamers to move from place to place.

The game does a great job at making Metropolis and Gotham, the two playable cities, their own unique cities. Of course, they are two different cities but sometimes games simply copy and paste one city and may edit some small things to make the cities different.

However, one can tell that the difference between the two is literally night and day, which i do not mean as a bad thing. Metropolis is a city of light, meaning that the city is always under a bright sunlight. It seems that crime has not taken a toll on the city.

On the flip side, Gothan is a city of darkness and of shadows. If you see any sunlight, it generally is not direct sunlight like Metropolis but light that is filtered through dark clouds. One can easily see that Gothan is crime ridden and that crime has taken its toll on the City. Before DC, i would never of thought there was a difference between these two great cities but DC does a great job.

Overall, DC Universe is one hell of a game. If you are a DC fan, then this is definitively one game that you need to play. Even if you are not, it still warrants trying the game for a few hours. However, either way i believe that for a gamer too really experience the game, one should at least pass level 10. This will give you access to most of the various options that the game has to offer.


    Of course, this review does not cover everything that the game has to offer. This review is already 1,800+ words long. I will let the other features be discovered and rated by gamers themselves as the play through the game.

    There is no MMO Review that talks about everything that MMO's have to offer. Please do not cry because you do not want to discover things yourselves.

    Things this review is missing / did not talk about:

    - Guilds

    - Epic gear

    - Raids

    - A few others

    This review is too long, i do not want to talk about them.

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