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Dance Dance Revolution (PS3)

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Info} In DanceDanceRevolution for PS3, players will find the game offers much more than following the arrows with their feet. In this iteration of DanceDanceRevolution, players will use both their hands and feet simultaneously, via PlayStationMove and controller mat, providing the most rhythmic and realistic dancing yet! This feature makes for a truly interactive dance experience. {tab=Review} It has taken more than 5 years for Dance Dance Revolution, aka DDR, to come to the PS3. I do not understand why it has taken so long, seeing as various DDR titles have been on PS2 almost since day one.

I must say that i think Konami did a great job in getting DDR to work on the PS3. The last time i played DDR was at the arcade, several years ago. I have no issue playing DDR at home at all. I beleive that i felt the same excitment as i did at the arcade. The reason simply is because Konami did their homework, the dancepad also helps.

The gameplay is solid, in that i did not encounter any issues. The game has various modes that really allows the gamer to play in different ways. Of course, the most notible mode must be the mode that allows gamers to use the MOVE controller. The MOVE adds an additional element to gameplay. In addition to the basic foot key arrows, MOVE adds corner of the screen arrows.

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If you know anything about DDR, you will know that it is a game that focuses on the movement of the gamers legs. The ability to use MOVE allows one to use both their arms and legs. DDR is an already great excerise game, thou allowing one to use their arms is like adding a cherry to a icecream sunday. As such, one should be getting a better workout than before, if they decide to use the MOVE.

If you do not have DDR already, i think now is the time to get it. One does not have to have MOVE or anything. However, the MOVE does seem to allow the gamer to get a all around workout from top to bottom.

8.5/10 {tab=Video} {/tabs}