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Dance Dance Revolution (Wii)

Written by Freelancer on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Overview} Featuring an all-new Choreograph Mode, over 30 tracks of hit music, and enhanced multiplayer capabilities, DanceDanceRevolution for Wii makes its triumphant return to the family-friendly platform with over 11 years of dance history. {tab=Video} (Editors note: We did not get any lag in the menus unlike this video) {tab=Review} Dance Dance Revolution for wii is a clut phenom music rhythm music game. For the uninitiated, you select a song and difficulty, this is where the fun begins. Think guitar hero for a second you have a "hit" zone and when arrows go through your hit zone, you stomp on the corresponding arrow.

You see cell shaded 3D anime looking character's pop on screen, generally in a world that makes no sense. For example, play a Paramore song, get a grass hill with a big tree and birds, I don't think it matches to well, but I guess you could say it adds to the DDR charm?

That brings up another thing, the music isn't j-pop. This was shocking, disappointing, awesome and strange all at once. You expect to play a bunch of J-pop, some of which may or may not be good. Instead, I get mainly North American (if not all) artist. They have Lady Gaga, Jason Marz, even Orianthi. As much as I wanted to play and fail "Butterfly", the new types of music is a breath of fresh air.

Now I said play and fail, the reason why I say this is because you need rhythm for this game, which I have been informed I have. "So why do you suck so much then?" I hear you ask, well it is because the difficulty jumps from super easy to easy to freaking hard to way freaking hard. I think this has been haunting the whole franchise. Make it less of a learning curve, please!

Since the will offers you motion control, just like everything else they added functionality for motion control. DDR does this with "Choreography" mode. Basically on top of stomping on the mat, you get to wave your arms, and punch the air in time with the music. I'm sure if you practiced a bunch it would work great, but it feels really cluttered in my opinion.

In conclusion this DDR is the same as any other DDR just with a new sound track, and choreography mode. The game is good, a little bit of a uneven learning curve. If you are looking for a music game to practice your rhythm check this game out.

Rating: 8/10 {/tabs}