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Solar Struggle Survival (360)

Written by Freelancer on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Overview} {tab=Video} {tab=Review} Solar Struggle Survival is a mini version of Solar Struggle. It takes the survival mode of SS and adds a few minor tweeks. In the end the game is very simular, if not the same as the original but without the singleplayer.

For those who have not read my review for the original... (shame on you) The solar struggle series is about flying in space, and shooting ships that shoot you. Basically dogfights in space.

The original had me sleeping through the begining, which is the same in this game... It is almost impossible to die if you upgrade your shields... NERF THE SHIELD UPGRADES PLEASE!

The music is the same, feels like your in space. I have no compaints or exclamations really other then it works. The only issuse I have with the sound is the voice acting is cheesey and seems out of place... It is also constant.

The graphics are still really good. The colours pop fairly well and the shapes look good and crisp.

In conclusion this game is really easy... Please balance this thing! Also the voice acting is brutal... Either cut it or replace it. The graphics are still good though.

Rating: 6.5/10