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Warriors: Legends of Troy (360/PS3)

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Info} The game will be set during the ten year Trojan War and will feature supernatural elements, such as appearances from the Greek gods. The game will be based around literature such as the Iliad. Each level will begin with a traveling bard telling the story of the war to an audience around a campfire and will include story-driven cutscenes showing the events of the entire war. The story perspective will alternate between the Trojan and Greek armies. {tab=Review (PS3)} Who would of thought that Tecmo Koei would produce a game other than the Dynasty Warrior series? Warriors: Legends of Troy leaves the company's expected mold in order to bring something different.

The cutscenes are quite impressive. The games opening cutscene does a quite stellar job in illustrating that you are doing a land invasion. The game tells the story in two ways. Sometimes, it shows them through expected cutscenes. The second way is though the use of Greek paintings. I like the variation in the story telling, so that one does not get bored with how the story is told.

The story is legendary, literally. Quite frankly, i seriously wonder why games were not made using this story before. Yes, we all know God of War takes place in the a place where one fights against the god but that story was fictional. However, Warriors takes its story from one of Homer's most famous poem/story known as the Iliad, which was based on true events.

The game takes place during the Trojan Wars, which was a ten-year siege of Ilium. The battle was between the Trojans and the Greeks, lead by King Aagamemnon and his now legendary warrior known as Aachilles.

The only downside to this epic story is that you play both sides. Let me correct myself, i mean that after you play one side's mission, you play a mission for the other side. When this happened the very first time, it took me quite sometime to realize that i was fighting against the people i was helping a few minutes before.

I think it would have been best to break the game into two parts or campaigns instead of switching sides for every mission. When i say break, i don't mean to have to separate game disks but that at the start window, it gives you the option to pick which side you want to play on. I think that breaking it into two campaigns makes the story less confusing.

The sound is very well done. The voice acting is above average and the voice sync seems perfect. I also love the various sounds i hear, such as metal hitting metal, when swords hit bronze shields. I enjoy listening to the music which does a great job at get getting you ready to spill the blood of your enemies.

The gameplay overall is decent. One has a handful of attacks at their disposal but i really cant tell one attack apart from the rest. I sometimes am lead to think that you need only use one button to attack. This game does feel a bit more of a button masher than other games.

there are two things that i do not enjoy while playing. The first is that, you simply cannot tell your enemies apart from one another and against your own allies. It is true that this is a hack and slash game but it does not help you get into your blood taking grove when everyone looks the same. Additionally, i sometimes try to kill my own allies and get killed instead when i mistake my allies for enemies because both allies and enemies look the same.

The final issue with gameplay is that your allies are extremely slow in movement. While i am moving from one battle location to another, it seems that i need to wait quite sometime for my allies to catch up to me. The playable character seems to run to each location but the allies seem to not realize that you are in need of their killing ability. However, once they do catch up to you they do provide some degree of help.

I really love the fact that the game uses such a famous story. However, the execution of everything else does not seem to be at the same level as the story itself. I think that the best one can do is rent this game.

7/10 {tab=Video} {/tabs}