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Reckless Squad (PC)

Written by Alleluia707 on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Overview} Reckless Squad is a real-time strategy game where your only goal is to protect a convoy during its dangerous journey. You have at your disposal many units with unique abilities and you must figure out how to best use them to face hordes of enemies in various situations across the world.

Sometimes you will find places to rest, to recruit new units, and to buy better equipment. Other times you will have to defeat - or escape from - terrible creatures.

Every journey is unique - the game adapts to your way of playing by helping you or by pushing you to your limits. However, the game will always ensure that you get the most enjoyable experience.

{tab=Review} Reckless Squad for the PC is a real time strategy game in which you use force to protect a convey traveling to a set destination. As your armed forces move along to protect your wagon you will come up against various types of enemies of different skill levels.

While going through a mission you are given chances to acquire reinforcements and new equipment. However you can only buy new reinforcements at certain points in the game. If you run out of men in your company and once your wagon is destroyed then you lose the mission. And if deliver your wagon safely to the end of the map then you win the mission.

You have to plan ahead on how many forces you will need and how to use your little army to protect your wagon as you go through each area. This is a good game for younger players or the casual gamer. There is enough challenge in Reckless Squad to keep you busy and completing each mission is rewarding.

The gameplay is fun but the graphics are lacking. This game looks old and out of date and the characters remind me of cheap Lego look-a-likes. My first impression of this game, based on the graphics alone, made me want to walk away from my PC. But in some cases you cannot judge a game by its cover.

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The gameplay is thoroughly enjoyable and I had fun trying to complete the little red riding hood mission. My group died a few times but persistence paid off and I finally completed the mission. You simply group your army together by dragging the mouse to select a number of men and then pushing the number such as 1 on your keyboard. This will gather the men you selected into a group which you can send attacking enemy forces via the number buttons on your keyboard.

Fighting is easy as point and click for each of the groups you created, you can also choose not to create any groups. But your force will end up in utter chaos and you will most likely lose the mission. The enemies are tough which makes protecting your wagon even tougher.

The main goal of each mission is to protect your wagon at all costs. If your cart is destroyed then it is game over and you will have to replay the mission. So you have to watch your moving wagon constantly.

I had not expected it but this little strategy game is a ball. I liked the sound effects and the alternative rock was alright. And if the graphics were better I would have given Reckless Squad a higher score.

Score: 6/10

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