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Mortal Kombat (PS3/360)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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Mortal Kombat returns with a vengeance!

It's been a while since I played Mortal Kombat. I remember the days of outcry and uproar caused by it's graphical gruesomeness of fatalities. Those were the days of digitized graphics and Mortal Kombat was the visceral example of 2D fighters.

The MK series had it's up and downs, I played to the third game of the series and pretty much any iteration after that was a bit of a let down to say the least. The franchise had its comeback in MK Vs DC Universe, though not as gory or horrific as its previous incarnations it was a sign of good things to come.

In it's latest iteration, Mortal Kombat in true hi-definition is a most welcome return.

The story as goes, Raiden is about to lose to Shao Kahn and along with the whole off earth and mankind, he just manages to send a vision back to himself in an earlier time to try save the future. Favorite characters from the previous series from 1 to 3 are in tact from the get go as well as new characters and as an exclusive to the PS3, sir Kratos from the God of War series.

Graphically, MK is marvelous to the eyes. All characters are animated well and move smoothly. The backgrounds and the diverse range of stages on offer are equally detailed and interactive (stage fatalities). The sound effects and music throughout the game fit the title appropriately as well as the cheesy but well scripted voice acting.

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Gameplay-wise, MK has a lot to offer and I mean a LOT! From the start you can choose from the following modes: Ladder (Tournament), Tag Ladder (Tag team tournament using two fighters), Test your luck (Spin the wheels on a slot machine and it will decide your abilities and disabilities in a fight), Test your might (Power up your meter and smash through as much objects as you can), Test your sight (see if you have a good eye for fast moving objects), Test your strike (Similar to Test your might but with an added twist). Moving onto Story mode, Challenge Tower (Hundreds of crazy challenges and mini-games to play from to gain credits/kurrency to spend in the Krypt to unlock items such as more fatalities, different costumes and more), Training (train hard to win big!).

A MK title without fatalities is abit like eating a hamburger without the baps, MK returns with fatalities in abundance! Fatalities are more gory than ever and darkly humorous. Talking of fatalities, there are hilarious occasions when the FINISH HIM! message is displayed, players will no doubt pause the game and quickly look up the corresponding finishing move, as they return to the game, attempt to pull it off and fail miserably. An EPIC FAIL! message would fit quite well in these instances!...

Along with fatalities, there are now 'enhanced moves' which add to the already comprehensive combat system. Along with each fighters health bar, there is also an extra bar at the bottom of the screen, this bar is where you can perform enhanced attacks, combo breakers and 'X-Ray' attacks. When you have reached the max of the bar, you can perform an X-Ray attack, each attack is different and once successfully pulled off, it will show the player doing some serious damage to the enemy - as the name suggests it will go into an x-ray vision mode, watch in awe or disgust as you break and shatter the opponents limbs in such glorified fashion.

Overall: The Mortal Kombat franchise has returned and redeemed itself. The developers have listened to its fans and have gone back to its roots and done great justice to the franchise and then some. Along with its plethora of modes and challenges which will take a long time to complete, Mortal Kombat satisfies and quenches the thirst of its fans and new fighters alike.



+ Excellent attention to character details and stage scenery
+ More gore and an enhanced combat system
+ Choose characters from MK 1-3 plus Kratos
+ Tag team is fun and well executed (up to four players)
+ Plenty of challenges and mini-games
+ Deep and strategic fighting mechanics
+ X-Ray moves are cool
+ Includes online play
+ Dark yet most fun 2d fighting game so far
+ Lots of secrets and 'alities' to purchase/unlock
+ Extremely addictive
+ MK now even has it's own mini-short series titled MK: Legacy (youtube)

- Some of the Tower challenges can be pretty darn tricky
- Shao Kahn is extremely cheesy