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Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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The last time I played Super Monkey Ball and really enjoyed it was on a Game Cube, I remember spending many hours endlessly replaying the levels until I was satisfied I could no longer better it.

SMB 3D is a pleasant surprise as brings back the memories of the former days and then some. The object of the game is quite simple, control a monkey in a ball and get to the goal before the timer ends, along the way are numerous obstacles and enemies to avoid - watch out for the platform edges, as one mistake monkey-in-ball will fall to their demise.

The graphics are nicely done with adequate detail to characters and enemies, along with bright and vibrant stages. The 3D effects are well implemented, you can judge better angles of platforms along with obstacles and edges - it allows for better perception as a whole. The sound and music in the game are sampled well along with character and object effects.

There are two control options in the title to choose from either by tilt control or by using the 3DS pad, I found the pad far more controllable and more precise than tilting. There are different modes to choose from such as the main story mode, Monkey Race (A Mario-Kart like racer) and Monkey Fight (Smash Bros alike clone with monkeys battling it out).

Overall: Super Monkey Ball on the 3DS encompasses all the spark of the earlier classic versions. There are a load of modes to choose from and over 70 levels as well as multiplayer modes. With plenty of replayability in attempting for the fastest and shortest times, this is what monkey-balling's all about!...

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+ Great vibrant graphics
+ 3D effects are well implemented
+ Very addictive
+ Nice music and sound effects

- Missing a few mini-games