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War Pinball HD (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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I've played many a pinball games in my time as well as playing the real thing, you can never really get enough of it and that's where War Pinball comes in.

War Pinball consists of three tables which are based on movies shown back in the days. Two of the tables features Charlie Sheen, titled Platoon and Navy Seals. The third table is titled Missing In Action and features legendary martial artist that is Chuck Norris.

I enjoyed playing all three tables and found that Navy Seals and Missing in Action were my most played tables. Platoon was the least played as I found it rather tricky at times, I guess this table needs a bit more practice on but it does well to prove a worthy challenge.

Visually, the graphics are particularly crisp, shiny and smooth. The physics of the ball, flippers, bumpers and ramps are well simulated and at times, you'd think it's the real thing. There is even an option in the game to select stereoscopic view (3D), just get some of those plastic paper 3D glasses on and play the game in a new dimension!

Audio-wise, the music and sound effects in each table are well sampled and fit into each tables theme perfectly.

Overall, War Pinball HD is a great game with plenty of replay value and fun to be had. With realistic pinball physics, great graphics and sound, pinball fans and gamers alike should not miss this great title.

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+ Excellent graphics and sound
+ Awesome pinball physics
+ Well sampled music and sound effects
+ Plenty of replayability
+ Online hi-score leaderboards
+ 3D option

- Not everyone likes pinball