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Transformers: Dark of the Moon (360/3DS/PS3/Wii/DS)

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Info} Taking place three years after the events of Revenge of the Fallen, humanity believes the Decepticons have fled Earth. However, Optimus Prime knows better and is constantly searching for Megatron and his forces. {tab=Review (PS3)} Is there more than meets the eye with this latest Transformers title or does it follow the curse of countless movie tie in games before it?

I really enjoy watching the cutscenes, they are of exceptional quality. I wish that the same care that was taken with the cutscenes was applied to gameplay graphics. The gameplay graphics are average but are made worse when one watches brilliant cutscenes before gameplay segments.

I simply do not like the controls at all. In order to transform one needs to use the L3 button. The issue is that I press on this button countless times while playing, meaning that I transform several times when I do not want to. It sometimes gets annoying as hell when you are in combat situations.

In addition, you can only switch between robot mode and car mode that has guns sticking out of it with the L3 button. If you want to switch completely into car mode without the guns, you press on the L3 button and have to continuously press the L2 down. I think it would have simply been much simpler if you could use the L3 button to transform into all 3 modes; full robot, car with guns sticking out and normal car mode.

Besides the control issues, the overall gameplay experience is rather dull. I was seriously not expecting the gameplay to be this dull and boring. I say this because I have played the previous Transformers game and I simply loved it. Sadly, I cannot say I had the same positive experience as I had before.

I totally like the sounds within the game. You can hear all the sounds without any major issues. I think the game's sound department did a good job at capturing the correct sounds for the various explosions, bullet impacts and so forth. The big fat cherry on top is without a doubt that the voice of Optimus Prime and others, from the movie series, is used in the game. I can easily say that the voice for Optimus Prime is one of my favorites.

I am sad to say that if you expect the same experience you had from the previous Transformers, you will be sadly mistaken. The gameplay and controls are rather dull. The only bright spot to this game are stellar cutscenes.

6/10 {tab=Videos} {/tabs}