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Real Racing 2 HD (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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On consoles you have your Gran Turismo's, Forza's, DiRT etc, for handhelds and mobile devices there isn't a racer that really stands out head-and-shoulders amongst the genre until now.

Real Racing 2 HD from Firemint (the guys that created the super addictive Flight Control series), is a sequel to the well received first game.

I have not played the first title of the series as I had an older generation iDevice, but have heard good things about it - now having gotten hold of an iPad 2 and a love for racing games, the opportunity to test run the sequel was not to be missed.

The first thing that strikes you when you boot the game up is the visuals, slick presentation menus along with car selection screens. Select a mode from quick start to career and away you go. Once you're on the starting grid, you really see the visual details come to life, from each individual driver movements, vehicles decals, brake lights turning on to the vast track scenery and objects. There are various camera views available from external car to in-car dashboard view, the latter being the most fun as well as realistic as you can see the speed dials moving accordingly and your driver's hand guiding the steering wheel all in a nice natural motion. The framerate is smooth and consistent, everything is visually impressive.

Of course, visuals mean nothing without a solid gaming engine underneath the bonnet. The title's control is solid, via gyroscope control, you'll be able to steer effortlessly and accurately through the many tricky and twisty corners of the various circuits. It takes a few sessions to get the feel of the controls, you'll be driving naturally like a pro in no time.

The audio in the game is well sampled, vehicle engine sounds are convincingly done along with tire squeals and such - with a good set of headphones, the audio experience is amplified even more.

The real meat-and-potatoes mode of the game lies in career mode. There are various races and challenges to race and unlock. As you progress through the ranks, you'll be upgrading your vehicles on a regular basis. The races you weren't able to win so easily or place in the top rank, you can return to them using your newly attained vehicle/s, so there is a lot of replay value in the title. Along with single player mode, there is also multiplayer online and local Wifi modes, in online you can race against 16 players around the world.

All in all, Real Racing 2 HD is an amazing accomplishment. Along with spectacular graphics, a great intuitive control system, plenty of replay value, perfectly balanced gameplay AND with a great price to boot, this is an awesome title that no petrolhead should miss!...

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+ Excellent graphics all round
+ Intuitive control system
+ Balanced gameplay
+ Multiplayer online and local wifi modes
+ Global scoreboards and achievements
+ Lots of replay value
+ HDMI TV output to 1080p

- No rearview/side mirrors