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Snooker Club (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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There are many pool, snooker and billiards-type games in the iTunes store, you're pretty much spoilt for choice. Only a handful or so really stand out from the pack, this is where Snooker Club steps in...

Snooker is similar to pool, instead of potting balls with numbers and stripes, the majority of balls potted will be red. So, you have to pot a red ball before any colored ball, after all the red balls have been potted, you will be potting the remaining colored balls, followed by the last ball being black.

The game is well presented with a nice clear interface and front end menu screens. You can select from two modes of play; single or two player with the option of online play. In single, the aim is to become the champ by beating all 7 opponents, these come in the form of skilled females which once beaten, you can then unlock and use them via the credits you gain from winning.

The graphics of the tables and surrounding rooms and arenas are nicely detailed. The physics of the balls are well simulated along with an intuitive control system that is easy to get into. As the rules go, each character takes turns until either a ball is potted illegally or no score is attained. When you are set to take a shot, you will behind the snooker cue, there is no view of you being there physically (the character you have chosen), once you have taken the shot the camera pan in and follow the action automatically. Oddly enough, a replay option will only appear when you or your opponent has failed to score, an option of replaying a successful shot is not available for some reason until the match is completed. During shot taking you can view the action in 3D or via 2D top down view, a combo of these is a nice feature rather than fixed and limited viewing options.

The A.I opponents you play against can be quite a challenge at times, but they too will make some mistakes along the way, with enough practice and patience, they all can be beaten, it's just that sometimes they seem abit unforgiving.

The music and sound effects in the game are well sampled, with nice soothing jazz/lounge music along with convincing sound effects of potting balls and such.

Overall, Snooker Club is a great title all round, with plenty of replay value in single play (although a tournament mode would of been nice) along with two player as well as online mode, you'll be playing this for some time to come!


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+ Excellent graphics and ball physics
+ Easy-to-learn control system
+ Nice music and good sound effects
+ Multiplayer and online play
+ Global scoreboards and achievements

- A.I opponents can be abit unforgiving at times