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Nascar: The Game 2011 (360/PS3)

Written by Freelancer on . Posted in Video Games

{tab=Overview} Around and around the track you go, when you stop, the game only knows. Nascar is a game for the fan, and is one of the most 'Authentic' sport simulators out there. {tab=Review(360)} Nascar The Game 2011 is a Nascar Simulation game for the fans! The graphics in this game a very good, almost life life. The controls are also good and do what they are supposed to. Music in this game really set the mood of Nascar. Gameplay is as good as a sim sports game can be. This is not a perfect sports sim though!

For first time racing gamers, and non/new Nascar fans, this game is hard! Both to understand, and to get used to. The controls are meant to be sim controls, but even on rookie(easy) I could not get the hang of steering... I wish it was easier for easier difficutlties. The tutorial shows you a bunch of stuff, but it isn't interactive... It is just pictures. I would have prefered if I was allowed to play a tutorial instead of watch one... I forgot what everything is half way into loading the first race.

The load times do feel long at times. If you are a Nascar fan, you might not mind as there is trival at everyloading screen. (For the most part) But as a non Nascar fan (such as I) I was just waiting to play. The game is very true to Nascar (from the research I have done) Everything has been recreated, and the cars look slick. Every Nascar Driver is represented, even Player 1! (Yes I know that is a custom racer for the player... Can't you take a joke.)

Career Mode is cool, the better you race, the more NXP (Nascar xp) you earn, which levels you up, and then you get cool stuff! I don't see how this could be made any better, other then making the easy difficulty easier so that I could actually get enough NXP to get stuff.

Overall this game is a good sim, but probably just for Nascar Fans. The Graphics and Music do the sport justice, but the gameplay is a little tricky, and complex for begining racer gamers and non nascar fans. I look forward to seeing what improvements 2012 will have.

Rating: 7/10 {tab=Video} Activision and Eutechnyx's NASCAR The Game 2011 will be getting its first DLC on Xbox 360 and PS3 in the coming weeks. Here's a new trailer showcasing the content.