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Resistance 3 (PS3)

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{tab=Info} Resistance 3 is an upcoming 2011 science fiction first person shooter video game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. The game is the fourth title in the Resistance series and is the sequel to the best-selling PlayStation 3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man and its sequel, Resistance 2.

It will be the first in the series to support 3D and Playstation Move and the first to introduce the PSN PASS program. In North America, Resistance 3 will come in two editions: Standard & Doomsday Edition. In PAL regions it will come in Special Edition and Survivor Edition featuring physical collectibles related to the game. {tab=Review} Launched back in 2006, Resistance: Fall Of Man introduced us to the chimera, and the war we have with them for survival. That war continues on Resistance 3 after the death of Nathan Hale by Joseph Capelli. Will Capelli follow the steps of Nathan Hale and stop the chimeran invasion once and for all?

Four years after the end of Resistance 2, in 1957, Chimeran invasion has completely taken over the Earth by killing more than 90% of human population and has overtaken most of human's military. In a desperate attempt by Dr. Malakov to find Capelli, he gives away Haven's position to the chimera.

Within the four year timeframe since the end of Resistance 2, the chimera has been a very productive time for them. They took what was left of the earth, and they started to morph it to be more like their homeworld.

Eventually a giant worm-hole opening in the skies of New York, one would start to think if there are any hopes to save the Earth. This is where our hero, Capelli, comes into battle. You will escort Dr. Malikov in a suicide mission to New York, to close the worm-hole, though this doesn't come without sacrifice. Capelli is forced to leave his family behind, with only a little mitten to remember him.

After I grabbed the game, I realized how controls have changed over the years for this series, and let me tell you, that it controls damn well. Each weapon feels just right, it's accurate and can unleash hell with secondary fire. There are some weapons which you will use to hunt down cloaked enemies in the dark, while some others will help you annihilate hordes of chimeras with ease

There are few new weapons in the game that will let you freeze, electrocute and mutate your enemies. R3 introduces us to an upgrade system, in which you can upgrade every weapon in the game. You are simply able to use each weapon and kill countless chimera to be able to level up your favorite guns. Simply put, you only level the guns that you use often.

Having the Sharp Shooter and the PlayStation Move, I decided to try Move support for this game. For some reason I feel like it needs more work, since you can fire really well from the hip, but when you aim, you can sometimes notice some lag and it will give you a huge disadvantage in the mist of battle.

I was surprised by the visuals in Resistance 3, not because it has the best graphics I've seen this generation, but because Resistance 3 gives us a dark atmosphere to suit Earth's demise, and it's by far the goriest of them all. Insomniac did a great job making us feel alone and hopeless in our attempt to save the Earth. The environments in the game will change from time to time, and this, added to the amount of detail Insomniac has placed in the game; dust coming out of the streets when an airship is landing, outstanding lightning effects, and beautiful shadows, will keep the experience fresh along the story.

Multiplayer is superb (with some issues aside). There is the usual capture the flag, and team deathmatch, though added to the repository there are some other gametypes, like chain reaction in which you will have to capture territories to win. Some will miss the giant teams and maps from Resistance 2, but that doesn't mean Insomniac lowered the amount of action, it feels quite the opposite; there might be 8 players on each side, but you will always find someone there to kill.

Co-Op has changed, for those of you who played the 8 player Co-op missions in Resistance 2, you will either welcome or dislike the changes, since now you will play throughout the campaign with your buddy, (online or offline) and he will be able to revive you. I'm part of the group that thanks Insomniac for this change.

Long story short, Resistance 3 is a really well polished game, and will be a fine addition to anyone's PS3 library. It's impressive to find nowadays such a thrilling FPS, taking in fact Insomniac took the game and made it a more personal experience. It never fails to expose you to a tense and dark environment, and it will engage you with epic battles and emotional cut-scenes.


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