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Rock of Ages (PS3/PC/360)

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{tab=Info} Rock of Ages is an action-strategy video game, developed by ACE Team. Unlike Ace Team's first and previous game, Zeno Clash, Rock of Ages is powered by Unreal Engine 3. It is for Windows, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network and was released by Atlus on August 31, 2011. {tab=Review (360)} Rock of Ages is an action strategy game developed by Chilean studio Ace team (Zeno Clash). The game is out now for Windows, XBLA and PSN.

In Rock of Ages you will be on a journey through time, everything though, will be seen from the eyes of a rock, which literally has eyes. You begin your journey with Sisyphus (you know, the Greek who was forced to push a rock up a hill only for it to roll down and him to push it up again.) Sisyphus, tired of this let's say "tedious" eternity, decides to use the rock to go on a rampage throughout various eras.

It sounds easy, but it will not be. Whilst you will be trying to put an end to the lifes of your enemies, by squashing their bodies with your rock, they will have a rock as well, and they will throw it against your castle, in an attempt to kill you too. One boulder won't be enough to get inside your enemy's castle. You will need several rocks to put an end to their misery, and while you change your rock, you can buy and place obstacles, bombs and traps along the track for your enemy to either fall down of the map, damage your enemy's rock or make it slow down for it to cause little damage on your castle door.

You will have to place this obstacles in light areas where you think your opponent will go through. There are a bunch of funny obstacles you can place in their way, and they go from elephants, fans and cows, which throw your enemy's boulder out of the map, to towers which will obstruct your enemy's rock. Remember that your enemy will have a chance to place his obstacles, so be careful, they can damage your rock; but also be aware, that destroying these obstacles, will earn you cash for you to place your own.

I found that during early levels in the game, you will have no real need to have a serious defense set for your castle, just buy some upgrades for your rock (fire, spikes and such) and throw it before your enemy, and you will win most likely. As you progress though, the game will become harder and you will have to plan your strategy.

If getting to your enemy's castle wasn't hard enough at times, there will be collectible keys, which are to be found in every mission. You will need a handful to gain access to all single-player levels, but the keys sometimes are really hard and tricky to find. As you make your way through the game, you will find some few bosses too. These bosses are to be hit a certain point for a few times.

There is a good sense of humor in this game, enemies are cutouts in a 3D world, and most of them are visually hilarious and will introduce you to who you are fighting.

Multiplayer is just like single-player, but there is another game type called SkeeBoulder, which is basically Skee ball. You will throw your ball and try to get more points than your opponent; each one will throw three boulders.

In conclusion, Rock of Ages is a really well-executed game, it can be finished in a few hours, but those hours will give you laughs and a good time. The game has a ridiculously good design, and excellent music. Anyone who is out there looking for something original to play should try this out.


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