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Prototype 2 (PS3/360/PC)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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The sequel to the ultra violent first game appears, first impressions is that it's better than the first game but still not quite hitting the heights of what it should really have been.

This time round, the sequel feels more meatier and more realistic than its predecessor. As you control the main character, you can really feel as though you are him as you jump around a destroyed New York City, leaping from building to building effortlessly and creating more devastation. If you've seen the latest movie Chronicle, you'd know what I mean.

The controls are much more tighter and fluid, allowing the player to have a better grasp over Heller, in particular the much upgraded evading or dodge system, which allows you to get out of the way of whatever is trying to destroy you, from a barrage of army soldiers to a gigantic infesting creature, they can all be evaded.

The visuals have had a major upgrade from the last game, close enough to the level of detail of Grand Theft Auto IV and Infamous. The first game was really lacking in this aspect, but that can be expected with such an open-world sandbox to play in.

With a wide variety of side missions and challenges, some of which can only be unlocked on certain dates/times, there's plenty of lasting appeal. Hopefully, a third game appear and take the franchise even further!...

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+ Big open-world environment
+ More detailed graphics
+ Plenty of challenges to do
+ Great feeling of mass destruction

- Can get a bit repetitive in the long run