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Amazing Spider-Man, The (PS3/360/Wii/PC/DS) Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

Does the latest Spiderman game break itself from the curse of other movie-based games? Or will it simply be another way for big companies to squeeze out even more money from a cultural icon?

The game takes place after the film, of the same name, which I think if a stellar idea. I like it this way because it gives the developers the freedom of making their own story, while still being able to tie into the movie. Throughout the game, you will be battling against Rhino, Iguana, Black Cat, Vermin, and Scorpion. Besides these known foes, you will also need to protect New York City from other crossbreed experiments and human killing robots.

The recognizable villains are not the cute villains we have all come to know and love. Instead, they are much darker. Besides the villains having a darker appearance, the way they fight makes it so that you enjoy kicking them into the ground after battling them. The fighting mechanic is easy to master, dodge here, hit there, and fire spider webs in between. I really like how fluid the fighting looks but at the same time you will still use flashy looking attacks regardless of button combo. As such, I am on the fence about the fighting mechanic.

Besides the fighting mechanic, there are the others forms of movement: web rush, web slinging, crawling, running, and building diving. Web rush evolves players movement choice so that you are able to use real-time navigational in addition to web slinging. At the same time it is very enjoyable to web sling from place to place. This may sound weird but crawling in tight spaces, like air ducts, is not that bad.

We all know that running is a very normal thing but what do you think about running on the side of a building? You are able to and it is a very different way to climb. Heard of building diving? Forget climbing or web slinging off the building, building diving is much cooler and faster. The reason it is so cool is that the camera is much closer, which makes it seem that you are actually building diving yourself.

The graphics and cutscenes are decent. You see quite a few rough edges around secondary characters but it’s not enough really to say it’s a total bother. On the flip side, whenever you are able to look at yourself, via cutscenes, you are easily amazed at how awesome you look in tights. I wish that the same attention to detail with Spiderman himself were used with everyone else. The voice acting is good and really adds depth to the game; I have no issues with it.

This Spiderman is an improvement from the previous two Spiderman games, with minor issues. In this specific case, I think that one should not overlook this game simply because it is indirectly based off a movie. If you are a Spiderman fan and if you have the chance then this title is worth playing.


Reviewed on PS3