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Aliens: Colonial Marines (PS3/360/PC)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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Aliens, a great movie, Aliens vs Predator, another great movie. The last time I played a decent game of Aliens was on the Atari Jaguar, yes it was a while ago, but it was a really great game, it set the tension and atmosphere perfectly with great visuals for its time too. Aliens: Colonial Marines is the latest franchise, is it any good? does it play fairly? Well read on and find out.

First off, straight into the campaign/story mode, I like the gun-play, the movement and shooting feels adequate but you still have to use LT aim to get accurate shots. The atmosphere generated is good, and with darkly lit levels, making it a claustrophobic experience. Along with a reworked version of James Horner's classic soundtrack which adds to the suspense..

Visually, the graphics and animation of character models and aliens are more than adequately animated. However, there are a few frame rate problems, regular clipping, the occasional screen tear and no real graphical detail on objects upon closer inspection. It's a bit of a let down considering this has been in development for more than a few years as the PlayStation 3 is at the end of it's cycle, you'd expect more than your average looking visuals.

The game is also quite scripted and nothing so far feels spontaneous or unique. The A.I. is rather redundant too at times, enemies will run straight past you to attack an ally A.I, get stuck behind boxes or will just stand there and take punishment until they explode in a shower of yellow acid. The Aliens are easy to kill and there's many of them which makes the game more intense rather than scary.

Now, onto the online mode. I've played each of the types of games in multiplayer. Team Death Match is played over 2 rounds with each team playing as either the enemies (Aliens) or the Marines. From what I've played so far, Marines generally seems to win more often as people seem to be running head-on into gun fire and not playing to the Aliens strengths such as lurking. Escape was the online experience I was really looking forward to but so far the Marines seems overpowered.

The title should have been delayed for a few months for ironing out bugs, multiplayer issues etc, as the game really has potential. As it is, it's an ok game just not a title I can recommend instantly.