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Sonic Dash (iOS)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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Sonic Dash as the title aptly implies, is all about Sonic the Hedgehog dashing all over the place. In an ever-so-competitive market of endless runners, you'd of thought SEGA would have jumped at the first opportunity, but hey, it's now here and better late than never, Sonic Dash is the perfect candidate.

Like a stage out of its popular series Sonic Adventure taking place on Seaside Hill, it's bright and colorful, scattered with obstacles aplenty along with its infamous enemies. The control of Sonic's movement is all controlled with a single finger and unlike other endless runners, without the need for awkward tilt/accelerometer controls, it makes for a much easier and flowing experience. Also, there are no paths that require you to choose left or right with swipes to turn, this is a true endless runner. As with the tradition of its genre, you simply swipe up or down to duck or jump over enemies and obstacles. To attack enemies you swipe down to 'boost' through them.

A dash meter is presented in the bottom-right of the screen, as you play the game and by collecting rings along the way, the meter will start to fill up, once maxed, you simply press the dash icon and Sonic will turn Super Sonic for a limited amount of time, during this time he is impervious to any enemies blocking his way.

Once you lose a life you can continue from where you left off by using a red coin, you can use any red coins you have attained along the way by an certain amount of rings you've collected or via In-App-Purchasing. There are special characters to unlock as well by using using red coins or IAP's via the shop within the game. In the shop, you can buy an assortment of items to aid you along the way.

There are some issue with enemy placement, at times you'll just bump into an enemy straight after jumping or ducking, this gives you no time to get out of the way and you will lose a life. The stage is randomized, meaning that you never play the same game twice which is great, but for younger players out there and gamers in general, they cannot really learn the game. As for extra lives, extra boosts, items and unlocking characters, you'll have to earn a lot of rings to attain them or buy them through IAP.

Overall, despite some issues, Sonic Dash is a fun game as long as you don't mind playing the game for a while to get items and unlocks without using IAP, if you do, well that's what IAP's are there for.


+ Awesome bright and colorful graphics
+ Cool sound effects and catchy jingles
+ Intuitive controls
+ Leaderboards & achievements
+ Addictive gameplay

- Randomized stage, can't learn enemy placement
- Enemies hiding behind obstacles, instant death for player



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