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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Mirror of Fate) - 3DS

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I have had fond memories of playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on consoles when it was released, a great leap for the popular franchise. Now, we have the portable version, is Mirror of Fate a reflection of its console-counterpart? Well, read on to find out..

As the story goes, continuing where Lords of Shadow ended, 25 years later, the Belmonts (that's Trevor and his son Simon) pursue the truth of Gabriel's fate. As you progress in the game, you get to play different characters at certain periods of the title.

Graphically, the game is visually pleasing to the eyes, with nice and detailed character and enemy models along with cool and smooth animations. The environments, castle building structures and such are well illustrated and adds perfectly to the dark atmosphere. The cut-scenes are well done too, which brings a cinematic touch to the proceedings. What's a 3D game without making use of the 3DS's capabilities? Well, I'm glad to say that the title utilizes 3D nicely, with the 3D slider at max level, the visuals really do stand out - especially during boss battles!

Sonically, the game is nicely voiced and narrated, along with well sampled sound effects. The music is well composed too.

Control-wise, the response of characters is good, along with weapon use. You can dodge and evade enemies with ease. As you advance, moves are unlocked as you level-up, there's a mixture of moves to use and they all come in handy in those heated moments of battle.

Overall, Mirror of Fate is a cool addition to a portable, it captures the gameplay of the franchise well. With plenty of things to do in the title even after the main game has been completed, there's lots of replay-value to be had. I look forward to the future Belmont adventures!


+ Detailed characters and smooth animations
+ Good sound effects and music
+ Intuitive controls
+ Lots of replay-value
+ Challenging bosses
+ Multiple characters to use
+ Cool 3D effects

- No multiplayer support


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