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Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point DLC (PS3/360/PC)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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Sleeping Dogs is an awesome game, it's like Grand Theft Auto based in Asia with the added bonus of martial-arts. Once the game is completed, you're left wanting for more. This is where DLC's comes in. Nightmare in North Point add-on pack, extension or whatever you wish to call it, is a package with a twist.

The story follows once again with our rebellious hero Wei Shen. On a night out with his girl, an apparition appears and abducts Wei's girl. The apparition in question is known as Smiley Cat (aka Big Scar Wu). To cut a long story short, all the bad guys Wei once gotten rid off have returned and are causing supernatural chaos all over town. From Chinese vampires, demon monsters and possessed citizens, Wei has definitely got his work cut out.

To rid of the bad spirits of Smiley Cat and his minions, Wei will be required to get a special brew of tea from an apothecary. Once attained, Wei will then be able to dish out some spiritual damage to the evil-doers.

When you face-off with a creature of the underworld, you can pretty beat it pretty senseless until it evaporates or once an opportunity arises, you can send them back to where they came from by grabbing them and throwing them back into the underworld portal. You can also use a special weapon which is known as a Peachwood sword, attack them a few times with it until stunned, then give it an almighty stab to send them back to the other side.

Demon monsters will also make an appearance, to rid of them, you have to beat enough vamps to gain a full bar of 'face' before you can dish out its master. You can just happily or albeit repeatedly beat the vamps until you get enough face or to accelerate the process, grab them and use the interactive objects within the area.

Once the main missions are done, you are left with other missions to do, these will take a fair bit of 'grinding' but is fair while it lasts. This add-on is a nice twist as extras go, but the Year of the Snake DLC is better value for the amount of diversity and missions on offer if you had to choose or could only afford one of the DLC's. As for die-hard Sleeping Dog fans with plenty of 'red pocket' money, well what are you waiting for? Go kick some ghoulies!...



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