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Ion Assault (PSN/XBLA/PC)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

Space shooters, space war shooters, space invaders, shmups - yep they're pretty much about mankind shooting the face off millions and squillions of invading aliens.

Ion Assault is no exception but it does do something new which is refreshing. The title is a twin-stick shooter, but unlike other shooters out there, you don't use your standard traditional blasting ammos to rid of the infesting foes, you actually use the surrounding particles such as ions (hence the title) and atoms as the source of your ammo, collect or indeed 'suck' and then release to shoot.

So, as your ship is basically like a vacuum cleaner, it sucks in particles for ammo. The longer you suck in ions and particles the more powerful your shots will be. As you release a powerful shot to say for example, a big asteroid, the more pieces it will break into, therefore attaining more points in scoring. You'd be battling aliens left, right and center, along with asteroids and end-of-level bosses.

Visually, the game is a treat to behold. Bright colorful explosions along with gazillions of particles and debris littering all over the screen. As you move, evade and go around the your business, swirly trails and such follow your ship, and just like fizzy candy, it's all very nice!

Soundwise, the game pumps out electronic beats and riffs as well as top sounding blasts and explosions. The music is well composed for the frantic and intense action that the title encompasses.

Overall, IA is a great little blaster, easy to get into but hard to escape. The game is visually stunning and addictive, it has high-score leaderboards as well as a cool versus mode that is a game in itself. You can even play with your friend/s in co-op mode for more fun and replay value. With over 30 levels that present a good challenge, the title is a worthy addition for anyone who wants a great game!


(PS3 Review)

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