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Thomas Was Alone (PSN/Vita/PC)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

The most simplest of games are the most fun right? Well, let's see, we have had Tetris, Blockout, Bust-a-move etc. Thomas Was Alone is no exception, in fact, it goes beyond exception.

The title is a platformer at heart, the visuals are basic to say the least. So what makes the game worthy of you or anyone’s attention?

Well, firstly, the game design. The level design for a platformer is perfect. There will be times when a level seems impossible but with enough determination and patience, it is do-able. Unlike some games that frustrates and punishes you to no end, requires pixel-perfect-precision, speed and positioning (points at N+), you don't feel that this game is holding you back from reaching your goal but in fact it is you, yourself as the player.

Secondly, the clever use of characterisation. You see, Thomas is not that alone as you would think, in fact, littered around the game are other blocks or indeed characters. Each block has its own shape, size, name and even their own little personalities. On many occasions you will be switching from one block, erm, I mean character, regularly in order to solve the level.

Thirdly, the audio throughout the game. Nice and pleasant compositions are played throughout the game. Along with an impressive musical score, a narrated dialogue is audible such as how to get through a level and introducing gameplay mechanics. It's not narrated by any Tom, Dick or Harry either, it is done by the comedian Danny Wallace which really adds a shiny polish to the proceedings. You can also listen to commentary from the creator of the title that is Mike Bithell, he will reveal some really interesting facts about the title as well as behind-the-scenes of the game (well worth listening to).

The control system is as simple as you can get, you can use either the analog stick or the d-pad for movement. Response is solid, fast and feels just right.

Overall, TWA is a great example of exceedingly great game design that's coupled with bags of gameplay and challenges. The game makes you think about how you go about solving a level without the pressure of time limits and such, which in turn, makes for a great gaming experience that you can play as much as you like and in your own leisurely pace. TWA is well recommended for all gamers and alike, miss this game at your peril!...


(PS3 Review)

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