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Sacred Citadel (PSN/XBLA/PC)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

Action hack'n slashers, they have been doing their rounds since the dawn of time (well, invention of arcade machines) - games such as Golden Axe, Black Tiger, Rygar, Rastan Saga have pocketed many a consumer coins.

Sacred Citadel from Deep Silver is no exception, but what it does, it does extremely well in bringing back the classic elements of its genre that was once ever-so-popular.

Immediately, upon playing the game, the game reminded me of a classic 32bit title, Treasure's legendary Guardian Heroes on the Sega Saturn.

The graphics are well illustrated, with vibrant and colorful hand drawn visuals adorning all over the screen. The levels are diverse and have a vast amount of graphical variety in them too. The game is portrayed in a 2D'ish plane, when I say 2D'ish your character can move in and out of the screen, like to the background and foreground.

Control-wise, you have your standard attacking and jump moves, and as you progress, you can unlock moves that do extra damage, spinning attacks etc. Throughout the game you'll have potions to aid you through the levels, they can be accessed by pressing the appropriate direction via the d-pad. You can evade by using the right analog stick as well as a running motion with the right trigger. The controls are simple and just like any good hack'n slash, will be mastered in no time.

The game is played through areas known as 'Acts', each Act contains multiple levels. You’ll run across a ton of enemies in each level as well as mini-bosses. At the end of each Act you will encounter an end-of-level boss. The battles with the bosses are pretty straight forward and each and every enemy has a certain pattern to watch for in order to beat.

The title supports up to 3 players in co-op play via local or online mode. It's so much more fun fighting along side with your buddies and really brings back the nostalgic feeling of the arcade days in multiplayer. When items such as armor, weapons and potions are dropped by the enemy, you can decide amongst yourselves who gets what or just go all out and fight it out! The game runs smoothly and gets really frantic when lots of enemies appear, the more the merrier I'd say!

Overall, SC is a great hack'n slasher which brings back the fun and multiplayer factor of its genre to the max. Along with great graphics and plenty of levels which are challenging and fun. There are enough levels to play through rather than too much which would spoil the game and make it repetitive. Go hack'n slash some baddies today!...


(PS3 Review)