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Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Packs 2 and 4 (XBLA/PSN)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

Think arcade games, Street Fighter, Final Fight, Ghost’s'n Goblins and Capcom will no doubt spring to mind.

Now they have released some old school arcade games for digital consumption in Capcom's Arcade Cabinet, they come in 'packs' so you can choose which ones interest you most before you part with your hard earned credits, or coins.

We will be looking at two packs, starting with pack 2 which consists of the following:

Ghosts'n Goblins (1985): The original and still the best. Guide Arthur the brave and crazy knight that will go to all lengths to rescue his damsel in distress, rid of all the supernatural nasties and try to restore peace to the world. Fight through hordes of zombies, killer bats and birds, then face the dark lord himself. Expect to meet your doom many times until you either give up or play it so much that you'll know it inside out. Even though it can be as tough as nails, this is my fave game of the franchise.

Next up is Gun Smoke (1985): Cowboys and indians here you come – You're a bounty hunter and your job is to clear out the baddies in the big bad wild west. The combat is frantic, fast and extremely and furious, so expect many a game-over screens. This game reminds me of Commando, a great shooter with plenty of challenges.

The last game in this pack is Section Z (1985): A side-scrolling shmup that you control with the pad/stick and two buttons, one button shoots, the other button turns/flips you around. Blast your way through the infestation of the many aliens encounters and save the universe. The game reminds me of Forgotten Worlds and Dropzone, pretty decent and fun while it lasts.

Now onto pack 4 which consists of the following games:

Commando (1985): As the name suggests, you play as a commando and your job is to well, war with other soliders and commando's. I remember playing this on the Commodore 64 back in the days. At the start of the arcade version, with you coming down from the chopper is a memorable moment for me. The game is very challenging with loads of enemies coming at you at all angles, use your grenades sparingly and hopefully you'll make it through. The arcade soundtrack is catchy, but C64 version had a great rendition from music maestro Rob Hubbard, a great classic in every right.

Savage Bees/Exed Exes (1985): A vertical shmup themed around mother nature that went wrong. Your job should you choose to accept it, is to fight off a giant race of insect-like aliens known as the Exes. Power-ups will either downgrade, upgrade your ship or turn all enemies on screen into random fruit. Dying or using continues in the game will cause you to respawn exactly where you left off in the game. The difficulty of the game is toned down somewhat for a change for this type of game - which is a good thing! There are over 16 levels, the title can also be played with two players, which makes it more the fun!

The Speed Rumbler (1986): Gamers will find themselves facing off against a dangerous gang of thugs in a post apocalyptic future armed only with their car and a gun (think Mad Max). The game is a no-holds-barred shooter. Unfortunately, it's got a tough and flexing difficulty setting straight off the bat along with stifled controls, it's rather unforgiving to the majority. Upgrades can easily be attained through the game that will give added vehicle durability, increased fire rate, increased speed and the like, but you lose all power-ups upon death, and you will die tons during your time with this game. Luckily, the game does feature more than generous checkpoints throughout nearly the entire game, but this makes the game more of a test of patience as you slowly grind your way through levels towards the end of the six stage long campaign. A tough game, only for the persistence and hardcore gamers out there.

Overall, a trip down memory lane for retro gamers and alike, there's something for everyone, just don't expect too much!


(PS3 review)