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Remember Me (PS3/360/PC)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

Think futuristic Tomb Raider, Mirror's Edge, Heavenly Sword and Fifth Element, that's what Remember Me will remind you of when gaming deja-vu kicks in.

You play as a black heroine that talks and has the attitude of Lara Croft – which is no bad thing. The developer DONTNOD has created a beautiful and rich gaming world with a grand artistic vision of the future. The level of detail and design is superb and Neo-Paris in 2084 is an absolute joy to behold. Quite often I'd just stop and rotate the camera around to admire the breathtaking visuals of an all living and breathing metropolis.

In terms of gameplay, our heroine Nilin starts off with basic and limited moves, but as she starts to remember more, her powers increase. Throughout the title, it will introduce you to new gameplay elements you gain so you're never too overwhelmed.

Now onto the combat system, the combat has been far more enjoyable and far more compelling than the mainstream comments led me to expect as it seems to have been improved somewhat. You gain ability unlocks known as 'Pressens' that can regenerate your heath, shorten your 'cooldowns' or do more damage. You create your own fighting combos and place unlocked Pressens pretty much however you see fit, the longer the combo the more effective the ability is. To evade attacks you simply wait for an exclamation mark/icon to appear from an incoming attacking and press the evade button in time, it's real straight forward and effective as it keeps the momentum flowing.

There's also a focus system, 5 special abilities and a ranged attack called the Spammer to unlock. After the first couple of straight forward battles, they become increasingly challenging. It's not just about skill challenges, as there are enemies with a variety of qualities that'll require you to alter your strategy in each fight. For example, some enemies can only been seen or hit when they are in bright light - this may require you to interact with the environment to activate floodlights while fending off the enemies. I tested this by playing the game on a different difficulty setting set to hard and after episode one, every single encounter brought its own problems and each one was a challenge, not just the bosses - pretty cool eh?

At various parts of the story, you will also get an opportunity to change a persons memory to make a totally different outcome to an event - this is known are memory remixing, I won't spoil it for you, but at first I must admit to thinking what the devil is going on here? But you'll soon figure it out. It certainly feels like a nice change of scenery and pretty unique too.

As for the story and narrative of the game, I thought it was nicely constructed, the back story is fleshed out further by collecting the journal entries that Nilin can read once you find them (as they're hidden throughout the game) so more of the story is there if you're prepared to invest a little bit of time into it.

The audio in the title is well composed. The game takes a great orchestral score, mashes and remixes and adds digital flourishes that transcends it above your typical Hollywood/orchestral soundtrack. The synergy between the excellent visual/aural design is like that of the audio-visual game Rez - it empowers your experience, creating something unique to gaming.

The weakest part of the game I would say is the platforming sections - it's not that bad as it offers a change of pace between the fighting and story bits, which gives you a breather I guess. There are also puzzles which become increasingly challenging which fortunately, are non-too taxing on the old brain cells as the game progresses.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game and would definitely recommend it. It's not perfect but it's so well put together and passionately developed that it just flows like a vibrant glowing aura. Along with its great story telling, intuitive and easy-to-get into combat system and unique memory-remixing feature, Remember Me will be remembered for giving gamers a wonderful experience!...


(PS3 review)