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Thunder Wolves (PSN/XBLA/PC)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

Remember the old classic 'copter titles that were riding high in the skies back in the days? From Choplifter, Apache, ThunderStrike to the Desert Strike series, chopper games were THE games of past era. Thunder Wolves (in no way associated with ThunderStrike or Thunderhawk series) is a title that has been inspired by past games.

As the story goes, a villain by the name of “The Serpent” is terrorising the middle-east, you're thrown into the pilots seat on a variety of missions that see everything from boat chases down a river, with machine gun fire and rockets from every angle, to bombing a nuclear silo and surrounding warehouses and drones.

There are thirteen missions on offer. From your standard missions to the more challenging ones as you dodge and weave you way through the enemy to some frantic boss fights. The first mission starts of as a tutorial, learning the controls, tasting your first amateur combat and firing thousands and thousands of live rounds from a heavy machine gun that never seems to overheat for some reason. Unfortunately, for a game about flying and that, there is no option to invert the controls for flight, which makes the game a bit hard to control initially as you will try to adjust to it all.

As you play, the story unfolds with flashbacks to South America and with a few twists, the story never does get too enthralling, but it still manages to be exciting. For this type of game there isn’t really any need for too much of a story, as it's all about skimming over deserts, wild jungles and urban wastelands and blowing up everything that gets in your way.

There are the multiple points-of-view to choose from and different weaponry you can use too. Most of the missions are standard with you flying in your usual copter or a slightly different type of copter, but some missions will have you are kitted out with an explosive sniper rifle that's capable of wiping out a load of bad guys with a single shot. At times you'd also be taking over the rail-gun, go gung-ho crazy and fire like mad or take your time and take out them out accurately, I suggest the latter.

Visually, Thunder Wolves is okay at best as the main details can only be seen on your chopper and the terrain. Enemies are shown as red on-screen icons as the actual enemies themselves, unless they are vehicles, cannot be seen very well. Destruction of buildings looks great especially tall structures and watching them fall to the ground is cool. Bosses take on the forms of modified overgrown choppers and assorted land vehicles that thankfully, are easy to see.

Soundwise, the game has plenty of convincing gun fire, blasts and explosions. There's some cool audio going on throughout the game too in the them of heavy metal.

In multiplayer mode, taking the form of co-op gameplay utilising one single mode which is named “Tag Team”. This mode is really fun when a friend is thrown in the mix and teaming-up to take on the terrorists is a blast!

Overall, despite its lack of invert flight option controls, Thunder Wolves is a fun and challenging game. The title won't last forever but with co-op gameplay, it will help further it's replayability. So, go forth and relive those chopper urges, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Ca,,, erm, Thunder Wolves!... ;)


(PS3 review)